IGC Testifies before Congress about Situs Judi Online24Jam Terpercaya 2021

Situs Judi Online24Jam Terpercaya 2021

We thank the River City Group and Keith Furlong of the Interactive Gaming Council for this update on Internet legislative action pending before Congress, noting that the IGC’s position reflects many of the points outlined by Stanley Roberts in his insightful article “State Gaming Portals,” found in this Summer’s issue of Gambling Times.

On November 30 the Interactive Gaming Council (IGC), in testimony before the House Subcommittee on Crime, urged Congress to consider regulation of Internet gaming as a better means of protecting citizens than prohibition. The Committee members were hearing testimony on legislation, H.R. 556 and H.R. 3215, to prohibit Internet gaming by deputizing the financial services industry to monitor and prohibit financial instruments for illegal Internet gaming.

In IGC testimony presented by Frank Catania, former director of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE), former chair of the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR), and current President, Catania Consulting Group, Inc., the committee heard that:

  • Internet gaming regulation is concentrated on the exact issues raised by opponents of Internet gaming and proponents of complete prohibition. The solution lies in a strictly regulated alternative aimed at ensuring the presence of harm minimization measures, not the least of which relate to the protection of children and compulsive gamblers.
  • Internet gaming already exists with the most recent statistics showing are as many as 1,400–1,650 gaming web sites currently operating, a significant increase from only one year ago.
  • Billions of dollars are reportedly being bet over the Internet with little, if any, oversight or guarantee that the operators of these sites are fair and honest, or that protections are in place to keep children and compulsive gamblers away.
  • Internet gaming revenue projections imply that a percentage of these monies are from our citizens and leave the United States with no subsequent benefit, directly or indirectly, to the U.S. or any state (including no dedicated funds for protecting children and problem gamblers through education or other programs).


  • Strict regulation will work; the question before Congress is not whether or not we will have online gaming—we most certainly will, unless we ban the Internet itself, but the question is whether we will have well regulated, above-board online gaming, or unregulated, underground online gaming. The bills before you opt for the latter.


Mr. Catania ended his testimony by commending Congressmen Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) and Jim Leech (R-IA), the prime sponsors of this legislation for their desire to minimize the social pathologies that attend problem and underage gaming. While the IGC have not supported their efforts, the organization respects their commitment, and we are sure that it is rooted in their experience of the harm that problem gambling can impart. More about – Situs Judi Online24Jam Terpercaya 2021

The Interactive Gaming Council is an international non-profit trade association of over 100 companies around the globe that are involved with the interactive gaming industry. The IGC’s mission is to: provide a forum to address issues and advance common interests in the global interactive gaming industry; establish fair and responsible trade guidelines and practices that enhance consumer confidence in interactive gaming products and services; and serve as the industry’s public policy advocate and information clearinghouse. An important role of the Interactive Gaming Council is to advocate for the adoption of strong government regulation of the Internet gaming industry. For more information, visit the IGC web site at www.igcouncil.org.

Frommer Bill AB 1229 Dies in California Senate Assemblyman Dario Frommer’s Bill to ban Internet Gambling in California was shelved by the State Senate after passing through the Assembly by a vote of 61-2. Frommer, D-Los Angeles, reacted angrily upon shelving of the bill stating: “The only winners in today’s action were Las Vegas’ biggest casinos, a well-connected Indian tribe, and hundreds of unscrupulous online gambling sites. The losers are average Californians who are literally a mouse click away from losing their life savings (or) homes to shady online casinos.” Frommer vowed to re-introduce his legislation in 2002.

Attempts by Gambling Times to meet with Frommer to discuss his position and reaction to the articles in the Fall 2001 issue of Gambling Times by I. Nelson Rose and Stanley Roberts have not borne fruit to this date. His Sacramento office informs us that he will not be available for an interview until January at the earliest, and phone calls to his local office have not been returned. We are still hopeful that the Assemblyman will meet with Gambling Times and Professor Rose prior to re-introduction of his bill to fully and cogently explain, to the people of California and the nation, his reasons for attempting to implement this sweeping and indeed draconian measure which infringes upon the personal rights of citizens.


Women Dominate Web 918KISS แตก ง่าย Gaming

918KISS แตก ง่าย

For the first time, women make up the majority of Internet users gambling and playing games online, according to a new study from online research firm PC Data. The study, “Spotlight on Games: Categories and Hardware,” found that while men make up the majority of all PC and console game players, women take the lead when it comes to the Web.

Of an estimated 30 to 40 million online gamers in the U.S., based on the study women represented 50.4 percent, PC Data Senior Analyst Sean Wargo told the NewsFactor Network.

The sample survey of more than 3,500 home Internet users — including gamers and non-gamers — considered retail sales, Internet audience measurement, software use, hardware configuration and user responses to reach its findings.

Ladies Choice

The study found that women prefer online gambling, card games and trivia quiz games when they log onto the Internet. While the study uses a general description of online gaming — “anyone who played any game online” — wagering on the Internet is most popular, according to Wargo.

“The primary games online, overall, are far and away gambling games,” Wargo said. “Women are primarily playing gambling games, sport games or card games.”

Solitaire, Free Cell and similar bundled games are the most frequently played of all online and offline games. While men prefer “war and sports” themes, women are more likely to play board or card games or trivia, and log on to sites with gambling themes 10 percent more frequently than men.

Online Escape

Female gamblers tend to be “escape gamblers” who gamble at luck games and develop gambling problems later in life, according to the Arizona Council on Compulsive Gambling (ACCG), an affiliate of the National Council on Problem Gambling, which operates a national gambling hotline for men and women.

Men are more likely to be “action gamblers,” playing skill games such as poker or betting on sports and going 10 to 30 years before getting help, according to ACCG executive director Don Hulen. By contrast, Hulen said escape gamblers tend to seek help six months to two years after realizing they have a problem.

While the PC Data study did not separate online 918KISS แตก ง่าย gambling from other online gaming activities such as cards or trivia, it did mark an upward trend for women on the Web.

“Women are really now making their presence felt on the Internet,” Wargo said, adding that men constituted a slim majority of online gamers last year.

Men Shoot More

Women were about a third less likely than men to participate in first-person shooter games, real-time/turn-based strategy games and sports games, according to the report.

The gaming study also revealed that graphic quality was rated the primary concern of households purchasing a PC game console. While the list of available game titles was another concern, the ability to play against other players on the Internet was not.…

The Judge: Situs Judi Bola Gambling is not Illegal

Situs Judi Bola

A federal judge has ruled in a major decision that Internet gambling is not a crime — sometimes.

Judge Stanwood R. Duval, Jr., of the U.S. District Court in New Orleans issued the ruling in late February, 2001. He dismissed two test cases brought against MasterCard and Visa, allowing Web betting sites to continue to take credit cards.

Judge Duval gave many reasons for throwing out the suits, including a legal conclusion that Internet gambling’s main nemesis, the federal Wire Act, applies only to sports betting.

The opinion illustrates how important it is for lawyers to research the law before they file their lawsuits. With a few changes, the nation’s two largest credit card companies might have been ordered to stop being involved with Internet gambling.

The cases arose from what should have been a fairly easy legal question: If a player uses his credit card to make bets online, does he have to pay the bill when it comes in the mail?

In most states and under most sets of facts the answer is clearly, “No.” Since 1710, when Queen Anne of England signed the Statute of Anne, gambling debts have been unenforceable under the common law of the English-speaking world.

Anyone who lends anyone else money, knowing the money will be used for Situs Judi Bola gambling, is making a contract that is normally unenforceable.

Nevada is the best example. If a Las Vegas casino accepts an oral bet and the player loses and refuses to pay, the casino has no legal right to sue. The Nevada Legislature had to pass a special law to allow suits on written markers.

In 1991, the Massachusetts Appeals Court ruled that a gambler, Richard Kommit, did not have to pay his MasterCard bill for $5,500 cash he got from an ATM on the floor of an Atlantic City casino. The Court held that under the laws of Massachusetts, where Kommit lived, New Jersey, where he gambled, and Connecticut, where the bank issuing the MasterCard was located, credit card loans for gambling are unenforceable.

In 1998, Cynthia H. Haines was sued by MasterCard and Visa for more than $70,000, money they claimed she lost gambling via the Internet. Haines’s attorney, Ira Rothken of Corte Madera, California, filed a counterclaim. He carefully limited his legal claims to California state laws, which bar credit card loans for gambling. Although he asked for money damages, he was mainly seeking a court order that MasterCard and Visa had to stop doing business in California with online gambling operators.

The terms of the settlement are secret, but it is clear that Rothken won big.

So what did the lawyers do wrong in the most recent cases? Just about everything.

They initially filed 11 class action lawsuits in federal courts in Illinois, Alabama, New York and California. The cases, which grew to be 33 by the time of the decision, were all transferred to Judge Duval. Two were chosen to be tests of the law.

But the lawyers had chosen the wrong law. They had sued the credit card companies under the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”), asking for lots and lots of money.

RICO actions are always difficult to win. Plaintiffs’ lawyers would have to prove that Visa and MasterCard were part of a criminal enterprise in cahoots with Internet gaming operators. Even if the operators themselves were included as defendants, which they were not, there simply was no “enterprise.” You can use your Visa to buy pizza, but does that mean Visa is in an enterprise to sell pizza?

RICO also requires a pattern of racketeering activity, meaning specific federal crimes or state gambling felonies had been committed.

Judge Duval got the parties to agree to two test cases, involving players from New Hampshire and Kansas. But plaintiffs had no way of showing these credit card companies had committed gambling felonies. Because illegal gambling is almost always a misdemeanor, there simply were no laws on the books in New Hampshire and only one in Kansas that could conceivably apply.

Plaintiffs’ attorneys tried to find federal crimes. Naturally, they cited the Wire Act.

But, they had made the mistake of limiting their lawsuits to Internet casinos and lotteries. Judge Duval looked to the actual language of the statute as well as its history and ruled that the Wire Act is limited to sports betting.

When the U.S. Attorneys wanted to show they could go after Internet operators, they were careful to make sure that every operation took sports bets by phone. It is unclear whether the Wire Act covers Internet casinos, but it was enacted to allow the federal government to go after bookies who took sports bets by phone.

If the complaints had been framed differently, plaintiffs might have won. My advice for any lawyer fighting Internet gambling: Forget RICO, file in state court, make sure your clients were making sports bets by phone, and don’t get greedy — getting a court order that closes down a business will bring about a nice, large settlement.






FC Pkv Games United of Manchester v Brackley Town

Pkv Games

FC United of Manchester recorded their first win in the National League North in their new home of Broadhurst Park back on August 22.

Nearly 3,000 fans were in attendance for what was an exciting match with the hosts coming through on a beautiful summer’s day.

FC United of Manchester v Brackley Town.

The visitors took the lead early on through Steve Diggin before FCUM stormed into a 3-1 lead by the 70th minute with goals from Matt Wolfenden, Sam Madeley and Tom Greaves. A late David Mayo goal for Brackley with less than 10 minutes to go ensured a nervy finish but FC United held on to raise the roof at the new stadium.

FC United of Manchester v Brackley Town, Broadhurst Park.


Broadhurst Park in Moston was completed in May this year with a capacity of 4,400. The first competitive fixture at the stadium was a 1-2 loss to local rivals Stockport County following a 0-1 friendly loss to Portuguese giants Benfica to open the stadium.


FC United of Manchester v Brackley Town.


FC United Pkv Games sit mid-table and face a struggle to get into the play offs in this their first season in the National League North.

FC United of Manchester v Brackley Town.

FC United of Manchester

Broadhurst Park

Lightbowne Road


Manchester M40 0FJ

Tel: 0161 769 2005

FCUM in Seoul

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George’s Premiership Predictions September 26 2015


The Premiership continues this weekend after games in the Capital One Cup in midweek. The match of the weekend sees table toppers Manchester City travel south to take on Spurs at White Hart Lane.

Manchester City lost their 100% record at home to West Ham last time out, but should be backed to pick up the points against Tottenham, for whom Harry Kane has yet to find his form of last season.

Manchester United face Sunderland who sit at the bottom of the league along with neighbours Newcastle. The Red Devils are still not firing on all cylinders but should find a way to heap more misery on the Black Cats.

Chelsea beat Arsenal in a bad-tempered affair at Stamford Bridge. Arsenal are away at in-form Leicester while Chelsea make the long trek to Newcastle who can’t buy a win at this point and are rock bottom.

Pressure is mounting on Liverpool manager Brendan Rogers, the bookies’ favourite in the Premier League sack race. Aston Villa have been equally poor but we reckon the pressure may get to the players and a draw seems likely.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Tottenham 1 v Man City 3

Leicester City 2 v Arsenal 2

Liverpool 1 v Aston Villa 1

West Ham 1 v Norwich City 2

Southampton 2 v Swansea City 2

Stoke City 2 v Bournemouth 0

Man United 3 v Sunderland 0

Newcastle 1 v Chelsea 3

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Watford 1 v Crystal Palace 1

Monday, 28 September 2015

WBA 1 v Everton 0

Soccer – Remy keen for chance to shine

Chelsea striker Loic Remy hopes he will be handed a starting spot this weekend when last season’s Premier League champions take on his former club Newcastle United. With Diego Costa suspended, Remy was among the scorers in a 4-1 Capital One Cup win over Walsall on Wednesday, and the France international is keen to start against the Magpies at St James’ Park. He said: “It’s very difficult, I can’t lie. When you come in you have to do the best, but when you are not playing much it is more difficult. “I don’t have any pressure, I just want to feel better and with the game which is coming I maybe have an opportunity to play more. We will see.” Remy, who has scored seven Premier League goals for Jose Mourinho’s team in 20 appearances, can be backed at 6/5 with bet365 to score at any time on Saturday, with Chelsea available at 7/1 to beat struggling Newcastle 2-0.



World Poker Exchange Holds First National Online and Offline Intercollegiate Poker Championship

Situs Poker Online Terpercaya

Tournament Will Award Student Players Cash Scholarships, Trips and Other Valuable Prizes

ANTIGUA, BWI, Feb. 7 /PRNewswire/ — World Poker Exchange, (www.worldpx.com), one of the world’s fastest growing online poker sites, will host the first annual Intercollegiate Poker Championship encompassing 100 top universities throughout the United States. The championship will begin as an online tournament on February 13, 2005 and culminate on March 10, 2005 during spring break with a live tournament in Cancun, Mexico.

The World Poker Exchange Intercollegiate Poker Championship, the first of its kind, is an online and offline poker championship that requires no entrance fee and awards as a Grand Prize a $25,000 school scholarship package. The lucky 1st Place Grand Prize Student Winner will receive a $10,000 cash scholarship, a laptop computer and an all expenses paid 5-day trip to the United Kingdom to compete in the World Poker Exchange London Open in August, 2005. At the London Open, the “Best College Player in the Country” will receive free entry into this high stakes tournament, worth $10,000, and have the opportunity to share in a minimum prize pot of $2 million while playing against some of the top poker players worldwide.


There will be three phases to the tournament, the first of which occurs online to find the “Best Player on Campus” in which rival schools will be scheduled to compete on the same day. Those winners will then continue on to the second phase where they will compete for “Best Player in the Region.” The six regional prize winners will each receive a laptop computer and a free trip for two to Spring Break in Cancun, where the third and final portion of the championship will be held to determine which student will be crowned “Best College Player in the Country.”

In Cancun, the finals will be hosted by MTV Real World Las Vegas star Trishelle. She starred in the 2003 Playboy Reality DVD, The Surreal Life and has most recently hosted this year’s Lingerie Bowl.

The World Poker Exchange will also be awarding to the 321 best student poker players in the country valuable prize packages in a combination of cash scholarships, MP3 players, DVD membership subscriptions, free music download service and major retailer gift cards.

Players must be a U.S. or Canadian resident at least 18 years of age and currently registered at one of the 100 participating colleges. Situs Poker Online Terpercaya Players can sign up starting February 7, 2005 at www.worldpx.com/college, the official site for the championship, where complete rules, regulations, deadlines and a list of participating schools can be found. The first 2,000 registrants will receive a limited edition WorldPX.com t-shirt.

About World Poker Exchange

The World Poker Exchange (www.worldpx.com) is licensed and regulated according to the laws of Antigua. The multi-player internet poker room has served the online community since the outset of online poker play. Established in spring 2001, World Poker Exchange is one of the world’s fastest growing online poker sites.…

Premier bore as Situs Judi Qq D-Day is dull day

Situs Judi Qq



As closing days of the Premier League go, today’s was incredibly flat.


There was no to-ing and fro-ing, no nail-biting tension nor edge-of-the-seat excitement. The three teams involved in relegation struggle, the tedious battle for the title having been decided already, ended up losing, leaving the league table unchanged from last week.


Middlesbrough and Newcastle had run out of steam and ideas long before today’s ‘do or die’ showdowns, which in the event never caught fire. The potential relegation of the Toon and their icon Alan Shearer was a good lead story, but the black and white stripes did not keep to the script and turned in a turgid performance with an own goal and no shots on target in the second half.


Hull had a lucky escape in the end, following a real Situs Judi Qq Jekyll and Hyde campaign. Their amazing start, when they won at Arsenal and sat in the Champions League places, became a distant memory as the Tigers went into freefall and missed the drop by a point.


Their curious coach Phil Brown, sporting designer gear and a year-round tan, lives to fight another day. His jaw-dropping half-time roasting of his players on the pitch at Man City in December was probably the most memorable moment of an otherwise fairly uneventful PL season.


There were some stellar performers – Nicolas Anelka, Andriy Arshavin, Cristiano Ronaldo, player of the season Ryan Giggs and in a coaching cameo, Guus Hiddink, while the mini-league at the top became a big three rather than big four, as Arsenal slipped off the pace and finished 11 points behind third-placed Chelsea.


Wenger’s empire looked cracked, his masterplan misguided, and for the first time in ages, rumors resurfaced about the length of Arsene’s reign at Ashburton Grove. Three high profile ex-players, Tony Adams, Paul Ince and Roy Keane, lost their jobs as managers, adding to the suspicion that the best players don’t make the best coaches.


It was cheering to see Liverpool rise again and keep Mr. Abramovich frustrated (go on Roman, head back to Russia with your winnings), but the wider fact remains that no club outside the top four has a cat in hell’s chance of breaking into the Champions League, rendering the 18-club competition for the title a de facto farce.


A week ago the UK government finally started talking to the PL about redistribution, but the politicians still show no willingness to take on the international cash cow while England is bidding for the World Cup.


With a year and a half until the 2018 hosts are decided, a spat between the government and the football authorities is the last thing England can expect.


Fresh Looking Korean Squad Ready To Face UAE


It is an interesting and, one can almost say, exciting squad. It is customary to bash the national team coach of South Korea after he announces every important roster but ahead of the 2010 World Cup qualifier in the United Arab Emirates on June 6, Huh Jung-moo looks to have done a good job.


Of course, naming the roster is only the first step towards completing the main job of taking the Taeguk Warriors to Al Maktoum Stadium in Dubai and getting the three points that will put the 2002 semi-finalists on the brink of a place in South Africa in 12 months’ time.


In his 18 months as coach, Huh has demonstrated repeatedly that he is happy to give young players a chance if they are playing well in the K-League and he has done that once again. Three new faces have been called in the 25-man squad, some of which will gather in the National Football Center in Paju on May 28 before jetting off to the Gulf two days later where they will be joined by European-based stars such as Park Ji-sung, Cho Won-hee and Lee Young-pyo.


These are important times for South Korean football. Much attention this week will be on the appearance of Park in the UEFA Champions League final against Barcelona for Manchester United. But for the long-term good of soccer in Korea, a 2010 World Cup spot is absolutely vital.


Medhi Mahdavikia, a veteran star of Iran, Korea’s rivals in Group Two, told reporters recently about Iran’s quest to reach South Africa. He could have been talking about Korea.


“The presence in the World Cup is the dream of all our players and Iranian football fans. This could be extremely beneficial for our football. I believe that fate of our football in the next four years will depend on our qualification to World Cup,” said the man known as ‘Kia’.


With baseball in the ascendancy in the Land of the Morning Calm, not appearing at the biggest sporting event in the world would be a blow for the domestic scene in Korea. Media attention is massive, fans are born and stars are made.


One could be young Yoo Byung-soo. The Incheon United striker started his professional career just this season but a series of good performances in the k-league. At 21 years of age, he has caught the eye of coach Huh and will be on the plane to Dubai, and if things go well, South Africa.


“I received the news by phone. It still doesn’t seem real and I can’t stop smiling,” Yoo told local media upon hearing the news.


“I saw the reports in the media talking about the chance of my selection but there are so many good players that I honestly didn’t have big hopes of being chosen.If I am given the opportunity, I will do my best to help the national team.


“I want to play alongside players like Park Ji-sung, Lee Young-pyo and Cho Won-hee. Just thinking about training with these players makes me nervous.”


There are many examples in history of youngsters coming into the team at crucial moments and making an immediate impact. Park Chu-young is the most recent. The 23 year-old, now with AS Monaco in Europe, scored a vital goal in his first game back in 2005. It came in the last minute of a 2006 World Cup qualifier in Uzbekistan.


That gave Korea a 1-1 tie and meant that a win in the following game in Kuwait would seal a spot in Germany. Park scored the first as Kuwait was duly dispatched.

Few would complain if Yoo, or even Park, did something similar.


Three points in Dubai would leave South Korea needing just a point to be certain of a seventh successive place on the global stage.


South Korea squad:


Goalkeepers: Lee Woon-jae (Suwon Samsung Bluewings), Kim Young-kwang (Ulsan Hyundai Horang-i), Jung Sung-ryong (Seongnam lhwa Chunma);


Defenders: Cho Yong-hyung (Jeju United), Lee Jung-su (Kyoto Purple Sanga), Kim Hyung-il (Pohang Steelers), Kim Keun-hwan (Yokohama F Marinos), Lee Kang-jin (Busan I’Park), Kim Chang-soo (Busan I’Park), Kim Dong-jin (Zenit St Petersburg), Oh Beom-seok (Samara Kriliya Sovetov), Lee Young-pyo (Borussia Dortmund);


Midfielders: Cho Won-hee (Wigan Athletic), Kim Jung-woo (Seongnam Ilhwa Chunma), Ki Sung-yeung (FC Seoul), Lee Chung-yong (FC Seoul), Kim Chi-woo (FC Seoul), Park Ji-sung (Manchester United), Choi Tae-uk (Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors), Bae Ki-jong (Suwon Samsung Bluewings);


Forwards: Lee Keun-ho (Jubilo Iwata), Park Chu-young (AS Monaco), Shin Young-rok (Bursaspor), Yoo Byung-su (Incheon United), Yang Dong-hyeon (Busan I’Park)


The Chicken or the Meg for Bandar Togel Singapore



Life is full of little contradictions. When a professional gambler shops around for value, he’s lauded for his shrewdness. Yet when I apply a similar level of financial prudence outside of the betting arena, I’m considered meaner than a premenstrual Scot with a toothache.


I’m not ashamed to say that I use the same approach with my shopping budget as I do with my betting bank. Why should I pay 60p for ‘brand name’ biscuits when I can buy an almost identical packet for 15p? Admittedly, the cheapskate biscuits crumble at the merest touch, but I can let this minor flaw pass, as it’s mostly the kids who eat them.


The little ones are always on my back to improve my fitness levels. They’re pretty heavy. My frugal nature led me to scoff at wasting £200 on a gym membership; after all, I’ve got a bike at home.


My economical acumen did lead to quite an embarrassing mix-up. I was feeling a little peckish after a long stint on the exercise bike, so I decided to snack on a few of the tightwad biscuits. This adequately explains how the wife found me breathing heavily while furiously stroking the crumbs off my lap.


Lawrie Sanchez has also been on the end of a comical misunderstanding. The Fulham manager loves to sign Irish Bandar Togel Singapore players, so when he heard of the crisis engulfing Chelsea, he made a cheeky bid to sign O’Bramovich.


The Chelsea squad are on the verge of mutiny as a result of their hard-to-please owner. Fat Frank, the Drog, Malouda: they’re all revolting.


Some of the players were in tears when Jose left, although Ashley Cole’s emotional state may be a result of Liza Minnelli’s tour drawing to a close. The 2/5 for a Chelsea win over Fulham has sent me toppling over the edge.


Michael Owen has once again been sidelined through injury. The King of the Castle has been ruled out with a double hernia: it started off as a single but he was feeling lucky. I’ll have a little punt on the draw between Manchester City and Newcastle at 23/10.


Robbie Savage has often been compared to Roy Keane. Unfortunately, the term ‘a poor man’ normally plays a significant role. The 7/4 for a Sunderland win over Blackburn can help alleviate poverty amongst the betting classes.


Unless Fernando Torres shares the wife’s rare medical condition where physical activity is only permitted once a week, he has to start against Wigan. I’ll happily back Liverpool at 4/6 if Torres starts: if he’s on the bench, I’ll lay it like it was Meg White.


Reading left it late to land a touch against Wigan last week. With two minutes to go, I was sweating like Prince Charles on Father’s Day. These Royals are pretty useful; they can leave Portsmouth with a point at 5/2.


They say that good things come in small packages, and that’s an adage to which I am forced to subscribe. Cesc Fabregas may be diminutive in stature, but he’s a true giant on the football pitch. Arsene has set the little man on fire, he’ll inspire Arsenal to a victory over West Ham at 10/11.


While Cesc is banging the goals in for fun, Andy Johnson would struggle to score at a Ronaldo house-party. I’m loving the 5/2 for a draw between Everton and Middlesbrough.


Steve Bruce is genuinely looking forward to the visit of Manchester United. It’s not a result of his Old Trafford ties, he just wants to stand next to Carlos Tevez and not be considered the ugly one.

The 4/7 for a Manchester United win over the Blues is absolutely stunning.


I’m definitely worried about this bluetongue virus. Apparently, it’s transmitted by midges, so I’m steering well clear of Sammy Lee. Bolton are worth a small bet at 7/4 against Derby.


Martin Jol appears to have lost the plot. I wouldn’t treat a dog the way Jol has treated Jermain Defoe, especially as she failed to swallow my biscuit story. Aston Villa will leave the Lane with a point at 9/4.


I’m sure the wife has shared her outrageous theory on ‘biscuitgate’ with her mother. I’ve been a nervous wreck since the incident; I just haven’t been feeling myself. Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United and an Everton draw form a 14/1 weekend accer that will hopefully lift my flagging spirits.



Devilfish.com hold an online Judi Slot tournament

judi slot



A popular online casino Devilish.com has announced an opening of a new tournament. Players will be able to participate in such games as sots, blackjack and video poker. Top competitors will be awarded with up to €80 in extra prize money.


The top three winners will be provided with €80 prize. As for the runner-up, he will receive his €40. For the third place Devilish will be glad to pay €20.


Player willing to participate in judi slot blackjack games will be welcomed every Tuesday and Friday, from 6 to 10:59 o’clock in the evening (London time). Slots lovers will be able to take part in tournaments every Monday and Wednesday at the same time sat for blackjack tournaments. Therefore Tuesdays and Thursdays are left for video poker tournaments that will be held from six to eleven pm.


Devilish.com also remarked that only after competing in 50 rounds Blackjack Attack and Slots Mania players will be eligible for the recognition prizes. Video poker players are to compete 100 rounds.


Devilish.com let players know that all they have to do to get started is to log in. But players shouldn’t forget about the rules of getting the cash prizes.


Ladbrokes casino offers a £100 sign-up bonus


Ladbrokes have recently renewed their Togel Singapore casino. Now it has a modern and attractive for players look. But players can be sure that online gaming giant won’t leave their clients without celebration and without celebration prizes. Now any player has an opportunity to get a £100 sign-up bonus as a prize. Players from other countries can deposit their currency and surely get the same prize.


In order to do that, open your own account and make a deposit from £5 up to £100. Afterwards, you’ll have to fill a special form with your username and e-mail address. Within 48 hours Ladbrokes staff will provide you with your £100 bonus.


Ladbrokes is one of the biggest and most successful online casinos in UK and worldwide. It offers their players a wide choice of various games such as roulette, poker, video poker, blackjack and all kinds of slots. The casino features both versions of gambling: a downloadable and an instant one. In downloadable version there are about 350 games at a player’s dispose.


So Ladbrokes are willing to provide their players with exciting gambling and favourable offers. That was showed by the prize all players will get after they sign-up.


A Bandarqq tie, with a Lam starter




Sometimes in life you have to be willing to compromise. This morning for example, it was too chilly for a t-shirt, yet perplexingly, a little too warm for a jacket. After considering my options at length, i embraced the middle ground by selecting a long sleeved top. An almost identical situation is currently in play in the Middle East; they could do worse than ‘be like the G’ and consider a compromise, as could all bettors looking to take an interest in the Community Shield.


There’s a stigma involved with backing a draw in a football match, you’re basically telling the bookmaker that you’re not smart enough to solve the conundrum, but with so many question marks surrounding the preparation of both Chelsea and Liverpool, backing the draw at 11/5 will prove a profitable concession.


Jose’s getting his excuses in early by claiming his Bandarqq players are under prepared, the reality is that Rafa has him by the short and baldies. Mourinho has come out on top in only two of his last seven face-offs with Benitez, Jose’s incessant whining is an exercise in pre-emptive damage limitation. Chelsea can’t be backed at 11/10, a 1-1 scoreline must be at 11/2.


Frank Lampard’s autobiography made fascinating reading. He claimed that his legs were heavy during the World Cup; talk about stating the obvious. He was told that he was the fittest England player; you can get 8/11 about a typo. Frankie’s performances in Germany were truly, truly awful, but there are few that can argue with the fact that ‘Lamb lard’ always performs for his club. The Lamp is an 8/1 shot to open the scoring.


Jose has gone to the extreme of shaving his head in a symbolic gesture that he is ready to go to war. Jose’s no mug, when entering the field of battle, it’s almost compulsory to have a German in the vicinity, hence the signing of Ballack. A sending off has been priced up at 11/4, if Craig Bellamy was on the pitch on his own that would tempt.


Bellamy and Pennant should both be in the starting 11 for the Pool, and let’s be honest; it’s probably not the last time they’ll appear in a line-up. Bellamy remains controversial, but the boyo can play. The Bell has been chalked up at 15/2 to score the last goal.


There’s another full Championship programme to get our teeth into, and Southampton are the weekend nap at home to West Brom. I fancy the Saints to be there or thereabouts at the end of the season, 11/8 is too big against a mediocre Albion side. Paradoxically, I can’t see the Saints performing well in the Cup competitions, with Pele in their team; they won’t get past a semi.


Ex-Baggie Rob Earnshaw found the net in midweek, and goals to Earnie are like bottles of buckfast to the wife, one begets another. Norwich look a great investment at 10/11 to beat Luton and the pacy, goofy, dwarf-like striker should be backed at 4/1 to bang in the opener.


Crystal Palace host Leeds in a potential cracker and the Eagles are the selection at 5/4 to maintain their 100% record. Leeds were denied a win in midweek when Shahbaz scored a 90th minute equaliser for QPR; if a little camp Scotsman can breach your defence, Macken and Morrison could literally run riot.


Leicester and Ipswich are both as pointless as voting on a big brother eviction, so an ‘O’ must go when they meet at the Walkers. Ipswich can take comfort from their performances in narrow defeats to Palace and Wolves while embarrassing defeats to Luton and Burnley will do little for the goalless Foxes. You can’t touch the crisp nibblers at odds on; you must accept the tractor factor; back Ipswich at a humongous 11/4.


Top marks to Billy Sharp for his superb goal celebration in midweek, Scunthorpe’s sharpshooter delighted all with a superb impression of our very own Monty. (That’s England’s latest spin sensation, not the large-breasted golfing choker.) On a related note, Saturday sees the last episode of Cricket AM, I enjoyed it immensely; it was like Soccer AM, only funny. Scunthorpe should be backed at 6/4 to see off a Crewe side in terminal decline.


Norwich, Southampton, Crystal Palace and Gretna form the accer of the week, it pays out at a whopping 17/1. Get on now, or forever hold your piece.




Unibet Togel Hongkong CEO, Peter Nylander released on a €200,000 bail

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Unibet’s CEO Petter Nylander was yesterday transferred from the Netherlands to the French legal authorities in Nanterre. The judge decided to release Petter Nylander under the condition of a bail of €200,000 and told that he is to be placed under investigation, which is one step short of being charged, but the case is not likely to lead to a trial.


Detained at Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport for violations against France’s 19th Century gambling monopoly laws, the case has come as an embarrassment to the nation’s Government as it seeks to iron out regulatory proposals on online gaming in-line with European Union law.


Upon leaving court in the western Paris suburb of Nanterre, the boss of the Malta-licensed firm stated that Unibet had always obeyed the law.


The European Union seems to agree as it has disputed the legality of French gambling laws that see lottery operator Francaise Des Jeux and horse racing betting group PMU protected by monopoly laws dating back to 1836 and 1891.


France issued the European arrest warrant for Nylander after he failed to respond to a court order in April but this caused controversy with two members of the European Parliament objecting to the use of a European warrant to detain the Swede. They stated that these warrants were designed to arrest people accused of violent crimes rather than those in business disputes.


Microsoft, Yahoo and Google paid $31.5 Million for advertising the “illegal” internet gambling


Microsoft, Yahoo and Google – the three largest Internet companies agreed on Wednesday to pay a combined $31.5 million to settle federal civil allegations that they had accepted ads for illegal internet gambling.


The Togel Hongkong companies said they stopped taking the ads years ago. The settlement was announced by Catherine L. Hanaway, the United States attorney for eastern Missouri, who said the investigation, conducted by her office, the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, dated to 2000. Negotiations have been going on for 12 to 18 months, she said.


Microsoft’s $21 million portion of the settlement includes a $4.5 million forfeiture, $7.5 million to be paid to the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children and $9 million in public service ads over a three-year period, starting next year.


The public service campaign will aim the message that online gambling is illegal at those of college age and younger.


“We’re hopeful that our educational campaign will stop young people from gambling before they start,” the company said. Yahoo’s $7.5 million share of the settlement includes a $3 million forfeiture and $4.5 million in public service ads over three years.


Google will pay $3 million. A spokesman, Jon Murchinson, said the ads were in sponsored links at Google.com and other Web sites that belong to its ad network. “While we did not admit any wrongdoing, the Department of Justice has advised that online gambling is illegal in the United States, and ads to promote it are improper,” he said.