Slot Online Gamblers Guide E-zine goes live

judi slot

Feb.29, 2000–C & F Publishing today announced the online debut of its magazine Gamblers Guide.


Gamblers Guide is a new and innovative online “e-zine” dedicated to the interest of the gaming community. Published monthly, it is designed to keep visitors up to date with the latest news, entertainment and events occurring at hotels and casinos around the world.

“This publication was developed specifically for gamblers to have access to any and all of the information they would need concerning casinos, hotels, entertainment and special events,” said Carol Pugh, editor and co-owner, C & F Publishing. “We believe that a well informed visitor will be less apprehensive about taking a trip and enjoying the experience and excitement associated with gambling if they can gain some knowledge and insight concerning their selected location. Even though it is a monthly issue the information is being constantly updated due to the advantage of being an Internet publication. The support of our sponsors demonstrates their commitment to this project and the expectations of benefit for themselves as well as the visiting public.”

Gamblers Guide ( is the only full feature e-zine on the Internet offering it’s visitors access to the latest news and information dedicated exclusively to the gaming industry. Features include a monthly article highlighting a judi slot  casino, hotel or resort location. A spotlight article submitted by our subscribers and based on their experiences or adventures, an opinion page dedicated to one man’s quest to find the ultimate gaming experience. Resources for both live and online gaming such as, books and videos, hints and tips, rules of the game and others. Readers will also be able to check the latest offerings of entertainment and special events, purchase tickets, and make hotel reservations as well as book airline reservations and rental cars. There is also a message board and classified ads sections.

Gamblers Guide is produced monthly by C&F; Publishing.




Gypsy King releases Killer Dice Y2K for Macintosh, sequel to the award-winning Killer Dice. The Y2K version offers a whole new set of Y2K fortunes to entertain you. Laugh at the follies of the millineum bug that never bit.


How good are you? Try your luck and hone your skills to razor sharp with this poker dice game. Sound effects and lots of options (single, double and triple games). High scores take you to the “man who knows all” for your fortune. Over 1000 Y2K fortunes.


Gypsy King Software is a small but growing company dedicated to creating quality Mac shareware games. For additional information on Gypsy King games, visit their Web site.




There’s nothing ordinary about the blackjack dealer at the Killer Dice Casino. She turns an ordinary blackjack game into a frolick among the cards. And Gypsy King Software releases Blackjack Royale 1.0 for Macintosh to take you there.


Play blackjack with all the goodies. Double down, split, insurance, and outrageous sound effects as the dealer entertains you with her wicked wit. And we’re talking the real thing, too. The dealer’s voice recorded by a genuine blackjack dealer, only you won’t hear this kind of entertainment at your usual blackjack haunts.


Gypsy King Software is a small but growing company dedicated to creating quality Mac shareware games. For additional information on Gypsy King games, visit their Web site.


Americas Daily Numbers Pick3 & Pick4 games… now online.


SAN JOSE, Costa Rica–(PRESS WIRE)-Jan 12, 2000-C.U.T.I. de Alajuela, S.A. announces that the Americas Daily Numbers site at is fully operational. The official launch date is this Friday, January 21, 2000.


This site will make it possible for players worldwide to participate in 68 different America’s daily Pick3 and Pick4 numbers games corresponding to the various official States’ daily numbers drawings.


In the United States, millions of Americans play the Pick3 & Pick4 lottery games every single day… and now, through Americas International Online Numbers Game Club, you can join them.


Purchase Pick3 & Pick4 game tickets online anytime 24-hours a day. 68 different games daily – play one or play them all! When it comes to game integrity… Americas Daily Numbers is second to none!


Pick3 & Pick4 game ticket format, purchase price, drawing results, and payouts are the same as in the United States. What is different is that players can now purchase tickets online 24-hours a day up to one half hour before official drawing times.


C.U.T.I. de Alajuela, S.A. is uniquely positioned to become the premier online daily numbers game portal site… featuring all of America’s daily Pick3 & Pick4 numbers games never before available online. While the vision was born nearly a decade ago, based on current Internet trends the product couldn’t come to market at a more advantageous time. The Web is spurring e-commerce in ways no one would have believed possible ten years ago,” says Sheyla Badilla, Spokesperson. “Americas Daily Numbers provides a powerful, highly-flexible, and very user-friendly environment.”


C.U.T.I. de Alajuela, S.A. is an entertainment and marketing company that licenses turnkey Internet numbers game systems and has the exclusive worldwide rights to market the domain name. The company will generate revenues from marketing the Americas Daily Numbers 68 daily numbers games, an opt-in advertising program, banner advertising, retail e-commerce sales, and from royalties earned from sub-licensees.


C.U.T.I. de Alajuela, S.A. intends to develop into the world’s most widely recognized daily numbers gaming portal site on the Internet. Each new site will feature famous sports and entertainment endorsements.


This unforgettable domain immediately positions the company for rapid growth, given its ultimate accessibility to online gaming enthusiasts worldwide. is set to penetrate the $965 Million Internet Gaming Market. It is estimated that in 1999, revenue from Internet gambling exceeded $965 million.


According to an article in USA Today (March 12, 1999), Internet gaming revenue is projected to reach $2.3 billion by 2001. By 2002, that figure is expected to climb to $10.2 billion. (Financial Times, London). This incredible demand for online gaming, particularly outside of North America, is a unique opportunity for C.U.T.I. de Alajuela, S.A., to establish the portal as one of the strongest brands on the Internet.


C.U.T.I. de Alajuela, S.A. (CUTI) is a Costa Rica company headquartered in San Jose, Costa Rica. CUTI is the leading software developer of numbers games online.




Gaming IPOs in doubt


Wall Street may prove to be a rocky road for casino company IPOs, despite the buzz at this week’s Global Gaming Expo.


Much of the public discussion and corridor buzz at the G2E gathering involved possible initial public offerings by Las Vegas Sands Inc., Coast Casinos and Wynn Resorts.


Market analysts on Wall Street at the end of the week, however, were saying gaming stocks could well get swamped by market trends.


McDonald Investments’ Dennis Forst said the market’s bearish downturn has “nothing to do with gaming. Gaming stocks have done well.


“The question is whether the IPO window is open at all,” he said.


William Weidner, president and chief operating officer of Las Vegas Sands Inc., announced this week during one of the expo’s seminars that The Venetian will consider a “future” public stock offering to fund a new resort adjacent to The Venetian and two casinos in Macau.


Construction is under way on a 1,000-suite addition atop The Venetian’s parking garage and a 150,000-square-foot addition to the resort’s convention center.


Coast Casinos also previously announced plans for a $200 million stock offering, which Chairman Michael Gaughn recently put on hold.


And Wynn Resorts has about a $400 million initial UFA offering in the works as part of the financing package to develop Le Reve, a $1.85 billion megaresort on the Strip Desert Inn site, and casino resorts in Macau.


“It’s difficult to get investor interest in even seasoned companies,” Forst said. “It’s a very difficult market, but it’s not impossible.”


“(Wynn Resorts Chairman Steve) Wynn not starting his road show is an indication (of the difficulties companies face),” he said.


Wall Street insiders expected Wynn Resorts to start an investor presentation “road show” by Labor Day.


“There must be some reason he’s not out and about,” Forst said, referring to Wynn.


Analysts said both the Coast and Sands have “enviable” records, and would probably have little difficulties with public offerings in a more receptive environment.


Larry Klatzkin at Jefferies & Co. said the market’s receptivity would depend more on each individual company’s performance, its cash flow and the multiples at which offerings would be made.


The performance of The Venetian in particular, he said, is very strong and he would not say that Coast Casinos could not complete an offering.


Still, analysts agreed that individual companies and industries can only buck market trends to a limited extent.


This past week, the Dow Jones industrial average closed at 7986.02, down 20.3 percent for the year, and the S&P; 500 Index closed at 845.39, down 26.4 percent for the year.


The IPO market has been hurting all year, impeded by the tumbling stock market, a plethora of corporate-governance and accounting scandals and weak corporate earnings and profit forecasts, analysts said.


Wall Street analysts at G2E, however, were bullish on Las Vegas gaming companies thanks to their resilience in the face of recent market trends.




What are they, why do they exist, and how do you get your share?

ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล

“There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.”

Whoever first uttered that famous expression obviously never went to Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Because here in the land of casinos, you can get a free lunch and even a free breakfast, free dinner, free drink, free show and free room. Your ticket to these freebies is the “comp.”

A “comp” is an abbreviation for “complimentary.” It’s the free perks that are given to players in appreciation for their loyal play, regardless of whether they win or lose.

The casinos don’t just hand players a comp because they show up and play. There’s a secret to getting one ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล, and it’s this: You’ve got to ask. That seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many players never ask because they either don’t know any better or, worse, they are too shy to ask. As one smart pit boss told me years ago, “If you don’t get the comps that are available, someone else will.”

Now don’t get me wrong. Not anyone can get an expensive gourmet meal comped simply by asking. But the system is pretty straightforward; the more time and money you risk at the tables or machines, the greater your chance will be of receiving a more valued comp. The most coveted comp is the RFB, short for free “room, food, and beverage.” Depending on the casino’s policy, you’d have to make (or in some casinos, average) at least $25 minimum bets per hand (more likely, $50-$100) for at least four or more hours per day to garner the RFB.

Why, you might ask, do casinos give players comps at all?

First, comps encourage players to bet at higher levels and for longer periods of time. Most players believe that when they get a comp, they’re getting something for nothing. Also, many are envious of other players who get comped meals, shows or even a room, so they’re determined to get one for themselves. These players play right into the casino’s hands. By betting more and playing longer than they had intended in the pursuit of a comp, most players will end up losing more money than the comp was worth. The casinos know this, which is why they do it. (In Nevada alone, casinos gave away about $500 million in comps last year.)

Here’s a story that happened to a friend of mine. He wanted to impress his business associates (myself included) with a comped “free” dinner at one of Atlantic City’s nicest casino restaurants. So instead of playing blackjack at his normal red chip ($5) betting level for a couple of hours, he played green ($25) chips for six consecutive hours at the same table. Yes, he got the comp for four that he was after. It was a meal that would have cost $350 (we ate like kings). But in the process, he lost close to $1,000 at the blackjack tables. I’m not so sure he enjoyed his “free” meal as much as we did.

Casinos also give comps because they want repeat customers. To gain the loyalty of players, casinos extend comps equal to a certain percentage of how much the customer is expected to lose.

The best part of comps from the player’s perspective is that you don’t have to have a losing session to get them. The value of the comp is based on the player’s “expected losses” for a playing session, not on their “actual losses.”

So, how do you go about getting a comp? First you need to go to a casino’s Player’s Club booth and sign up for a player’s card. Complete the application and give it to the attendant along with an ID. In short order, they’ll give you a card. While you’re at the booth, ask for any special promotions for new club members (some, for example, give free points just for signing up).

By using the player card when you play the slots or table games, the casino is able to track your play in their computer database. This allows them to know how much to extend to you when you ask for a comp.

At the slots or video poker machine, always insert your player card into the reader and make sure it registers (it will usually greet you with “Hello,” followed by your name). If it doesn’t register, you won’t get credit for your play; either reinsert it or try another machine.

Casinos give slot and video poker players so many comp points based on how much money they put through the slot or video poker machine (known as “coin-in”). In some casinos (e.g. the Coast properties in Las Vegas), it’s based on how many coins they win (known as “coin-out”). By far, coin-in is the more popular way to keep track of a player’s action, but, in either case, you’ll get slot points credited to your account based on your play.

Many slot clubs will tell their players how much money they need to play to obtain one slot point, and how many slot points will get them a specific amount of cash (known as “cashback”) or a specific amount of comps. In some cases, you could be eligible for both. For more information on this, read Jeffrey Compton’s “Slot Club Spotlight” in each issue of Casino Player.

When you play at the tables, place your player’s card on the felt layout and tell the dealer you want to be rated. (Note: Some casinos use a rating card rather than a player’s card.)

The formula that casinos use to determine your style of play and what it’s worth to them is as follows:

Formula #1

Average Bet x Speed of Game x Hours Played x Casino Advantage = Player Expected Loss


Formula #2


Player Expected Loss x Percentage Return = Comp Value

Here’s how the information in Formula #1 is derived: The floor supervisor will record the first bet that you make. Periodically, he’ll come back to your table and record the amount that you regularly continue to bet. This information will ultimately determine your Average Bet in Formula #1. The Speed of Game is the number of hands dealt, or dice throws, or roulette spins per hour. The Hours Played is just that-the amount of time that the player puts in at the tables. The Casino Advantage is the mathematical advantage the casino has over the player; it depends on the game, the type of bet the player is making, and sometimes the skill of the player.

The first three components in Formula #1 define the amount of a player’s action (average bet times speed of game times hour played). This is multiplied by the casino’s advantage to arrive at the player’s expected loss.

Formula #2 defines how much of a comp you’ll get. It’s determined by multiplying your expected loss (derived in Formula #1) by a rebate factor. The latter is the percentage the casino is willing to give back to players based on their expected loss. (Most casinos rebate 30-50%; the norm is usually 40%.)

Suppose a blackjack player averages $10 per hand and plays for four hours. By using Formula #1, the floor supervisor calculates the player’s expected loss at $56 (assuming 70 hands per hour and a casino advantage of 2%, an average for the majority of blackjack players). By using Formula #2 and assuming a 40% rebate, the player is eligible for a $20 comp (for example, a buffet for two).


In addition to your action, be cognizant of the fact that comps are not an exact science. Intangibles such as how often a player comes to the casino, how many other players he brings with him, and whether or not he tips the dealers are sometimes considered by the floor supervisor when determining the amount of the comp.


Will you always get a comp when you ask for one?


No. Sometimes you’ll be refused because “you haven’t played long enough.” Don’t get frustrated if you get turned down. And don’t stay and play longer for the sake of the comp. Just keep asking after you’re done with your normal playing session. Over time, you’ll get your fair share.




Types of Online Qiu Qiu Casinos

Qiu Qiu

There are a number of types of online casinos at which you can play. Many of them are Java-based and load directly in your browser. Some of them use Flash or Shockwave, which also runs in your browser but may require the Flash (or Shockwave) plug-ins available from Macromedia.

Both of these types are usually referred to as no-download casinos, even though you have to download graphics and sounds every time you play. The biggest advantage of a no-download casino is that it can be played on most computers and operating systems, and many of these will also work on WebTV.

Then there are the downloadable software casinos, which will only run on Windows-based platforms. File sizes generally range from 5-15 megabytes, so you should make sure you are definitely planning to play at this casino before investing the time to download. If you run Windows, I recommend that you stick to these download casinos. They are generally more stable and secure, and once downloaded minimize communications between your computer and the casino game server, making them ideal for those of you with dial-up connections.


One of the biggest advantages to online Qiu Qiu gambling is the wide availability of bonuses that online casinos offer. Some casinos give you money right off the bat for you to test out their games. Others require you to make a deposit in order to receive a bonus, which is either a percentage of your deposit added to your account, or a fixed amount received for an exact deposit of X dollars.

For example, Casino A might give you $10 free just for downloading, and $40 additional when you make your first deposit of $100 within seventy-two hours.

Casino B may offer you a bonus of 25% of the amount you deposit up to a certain limit.

The reason that online casinos can offer bonuses like this is simply because they have a much lower overhead cost. Less staff, less equipment, no construction required, etc. And on top of that, they make you wager your deposit (and usually your bonus) at least three times over before you can collect your winnings.

It is very important that you read the terms and conditions which are either posted on the web site or included in your email offer—how many times you must wager the deposit and the bonus, the validity period of the bonus offer, and which games you can or cannot play in order to ensure your winnings are valid.

Making a Deposit

So you’re ready to make your first real money bet? There are usually a number of methods by which you can send the casino money.

Firstly, there’s your credit card: Visa and Mastercard are commonly accepted by nearly every online casino. However, many of you in North America may find that your credit card purchase will be rejected.

This is not because the casino doesn’t want your money; it’s because of a regulation at credit card companies, which forces the merchant (the casino) to identify the transaction as 7995: the purchase of tokens for the purpose of Internet Gambling. Most banks in the US are afraid to accept these high-risk transactions and automatically reject the purchase.

If this is the case, you have two alternative methods of using your credit card—by opening up an account at either PayPal or FirePay. You can tie your credit card to these accounts and the purchase will be identified as a pseudo-cash transaction instead of Internet Gambling transaction. These two methods are now the most common ways by which North American residents deposit money into online casinos—and in some cases casinos will offer an additional bonus if you make a deposit by one of these methods.

Many casinos also offer incentives for making a purchase by Western Union—you can use your credit card to send funds by Western Union online, or you can always go to your nearest Western Union agent and hand over cash. Some casinos will even allow you to deposit money by other methods such as ACH (which is basically an electronic check), or by wire transfer, Neteller or Layeway.

Playing the Games

Most casinos offer a pretty good selection of table games. At the very least, you should be able to find blackjack, baccarat and roulette online; many casinos offer additional table games like Caribbean Stud, Craps, Red Dog, even Casino War and Three Card Poker—but sometimes the names are slightly changed.

Video poker is one of the more popular gambling games—while a few casinos only offer one or two types of video poker, the best casinos may offer as many as 10–15 different games, and some even offer multi-hand video poker.

And then there are slots: hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of different slot machines. Whether it’s single-line, three-line, 9-line, 3- or 5-reel, progressives, bonus games, you name it, they’ve got it somewhere on the Net. The best are the progressive slots, which often pay more—and hit more frequently—than the progressives you’ll see in Vegas. The two largest portals that feature these games are Jackpot Madness and Jackpot Mania.

All of these games are simple to learn—usually just a click or two—and they play as fast as, or faster than, land-based casinos. Some are multi-player, some are single-player; but after you take a break for dinner, or perhaps take the dog out for a walk, there will always be a seat waiting for you when you come back.

Is Online Gambling Safe?

That depends. There are still rogue casino operators out there that are looking for a quick kill but they are in the minority. Most online casinos today are honest, reputable and make payments in a timely manner.

Online Gambling is Fun!

Online casino gambling is here to stay—it’s fun, always available, and you have more of a chance of winning than you do at a land-based casino. So get your snacks and a few beers ready, turn on your computer, log on to the Internet and start up your favorite casino software—pretty soon you’ll need to travel to Vegas to get away from your computer, perhaps paid for with your online winnings!


IGC Testifies before Congress about Situs Judi Online24Jam Terpercaya 2021

Situs Judi Online24Jam Terpercaya 2021

We thank the River City Group and Keith Furlong of the Interactive Gaming Council for this update on Internet legislative action pending before Congress, noting that the IGC’s position reflects many of the points outlined by Stanley Roberts in his insightful article “State Gaming Portals,” found in this Summer’s issue of Gambling Times.

On November 30 the Interactive Gaming Council (IGC), in testimony before the House Subcommittee on Crime, urged Congress to consider regulation of Internet gaming as a better means of protecting citizens than prohibition. The Committee members were hearing testimony on legislation, H.R. 556 and H.R. 3215, to prohibit Internet gaming by deputizing the financial services industry to monitor and prohibit financial instruments for illegal Internet gaming.

In IGC testimony presented by Frank Catania, former director of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE), former chair of the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR), and current President, Catania Consulting Group, Inc., the committee heard that:

  • Internet gaming regulation is concentrated on the exact issues raised by opponents of Internet gaming and proponents of complete prohibition. The solution lies in a strictly regulated alternative aimed at ensuring the presence of harm minimization measures, not the least of which relate to the protection of children and compulsive gamblers.
  • Internet gaming already exists with the most recent statistics showing are as many as 1,400–1,650 gaming web sites currently operating, a significant increase from only one year ago.
  • Billions of dollars are reportedly being bet over the Internet with little, if any, oversight or guarantee that the operators of these sites are fair and honest, or that protections are in place to keep children and compulsive gamblers away.
  • Internet gaming revenue projections imply that a percentage of these monies are from our citizens and leave the United States with no subsequent benefit, directly or indirectly, to the U.S. or any state (including no dedicated funds for protecting children and problem gamblers through education or other programs).


  • Strict regulation will work; the question before Congress is not whether or not we will have online gaming—we most certainly will, unless we ban the Internet itself, but the question is whether we will have well regulated, above-board online gaming, or unregulated, underground online gaming. The bills before you opt for the latter.


Mr. Catania ended his testimony by commending Congressmen Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) and Jim Leech (R-IA), the prime sponsors of this legislation for their desire to minimize the social pathologies that attend problem and underage gaming. While the IGC have not supported their efforts, the organization respects their commitment, and we are sure that it is rooted in their experience of the harm that problem gambling can impart. More about – Situs Judi Online24Jam Terpercaya 2021

The Interactive Gaming Council is an international non-profit trade association of over 100 companies around the globe that are involved with the interactive gaming industry. The IGC’s mission is to: provide a forum to address issues and advance common interests in the global interactive gaming industry; establish fair and responsible trade guidelines and practices that enhance consumer confidence in interactive gaming products and services; and serve as the industry’s public policy advocate and information clearinghouse. An important role of the Interactive Gaming Council is to advocate for the adoption of strong government regulation of the Internet gaming industry. For more information, visit the IGC web site at

Frommer Bill AB 1229 Dies in California Senate Assemblyman Dario Frommer’s Bill to ban Internet Gambling in California was shelved by the State Senate after passing through the Assembly by a vote of 61-2. Frommer, D-Los Angeles, reacted angrily upon shelving of the bill stating: “The only winners in today’s action were Las Vegas’ biggest casinos, a well-connected Indian tribe, and hundreds of unscrupulous online gambling sites. The losers are average Californians who are literally a mouse click away from losing their life savings (or) homes to shady online casinos.” Frommer vowed to re-introduce his legislation in 2002.

Attempts by Gambling Times to meet with Frommer to discuss his position and reaction to the articles in the Fall 2001 issue of Gambling Times by I. Nelson Rose and Stanley Roberts have not borne fruit to this date. His Sacramento office informs us that he will not be available for an interview until January at the earliest, and phone calls to his local office have not been returned. We are still hopeful that the Assemblyman will meet with Gambling Times and Professor Rose prior to re-introduction of his bill to fully and cogently explain, to the people of California and the nation, his reasons for attempting to implement this sweeping and indeed draconian measure which infringes upon the personal rights of citizens.


Ligaz11 Review of No Limit

I don’t know of anyone who knows who Bob Stupak is but doesn’t have a strong opinion of him. The “Polish Maverick”, as he has been called, has been one of the most colorful figures in the menagerie of Las Vegas colorful gambling figures. His tireless energy, streetwise savvy, and relentless self promotion boosted him from a kid with grandiose dreams to one of the most influential casino operators in Las Vegas, gambling’s Mecca. This book is the story to date of his wild life.


The book starts with Stupak’s childhood in Pittsburgh and the gambling associations of his family. The book then chronicles his restless early life, the founding of his empire during a few years in Australia, and his arrival in Las Vegas. We hear about how he builds Bob Stupak’s Vegas World from scratch, and the controversy he attracts along the way.


The last half of the book covers what was to be Stupak’s crowning achievement, the building of the Stratosphere hotel and casino on the site of Vegas World. The high points of the Stratosphere’s problems and Stupak’s fall from relative grace are fairly well known. The details prove to be interesting as an object lesson on one of the Strip’s few failures. We also hear about Stupak’s nearly fatal motorcycle crash and his miraculous recovery, and the book ends with Stupak, hidden away in his own “Fortress of Solitude” plotting his comeback.


The book is passably written, although it’s not spectacular. Early on, there are several places where the writing seems forced. We move from one event to the other with a distinct lack of continuity. In addition, sprinkled about the book, are a few places where facts seem to be thrown in more because the author felt they were worthwhile and needed to go somewhere than because they fit into that portion of the narrative.


The research done in preparation of the book is impressive, owing much to the late decision by Stupak to cooperate with the biographer by opening up his own “Stupak Library” to Smith. Smith covers a lot of history, not just of Stupak, but of the Las Vegas ligaz11 gambling scene to which Stupak, for better or worse, is indelibly linked. Smith also, to his credit, doesn’t bring an agenda to the recounting of Stupak’s life, other than that Stupak is an interesting figure, and his life story is worth recording.


On the other hand, I would like to have seen a more complete analysis of Stupak’s character. He’s a complex man who is brilliant, but uneducated, and suffers for a serious inferiority complex. Even though he is most well known for using “late night used car sales tactics” in the promotion of his properties and exorbitant wagering, there is much more to him than that. He can, alternately, charm a person with his self deprecating sense of humor, and then he can turn right around and annoy them to tears. I would have appreciated a more thorough analysis of Stupak’s motivations and a deeper exploration of his feelings as the events of his life unfold. It seems to me that all he has ever wanted to be was admired for being successful, a recurring theme in his life that is not completely developed in this work.


No matter what one might think of his methods, it’s hard not to admire Stupak’s tenacity and outright audacity that precipitated his rise to fame and power. His life certainly warrants being chronicled and, overall, Smith does a good, if not inspired job. Even though No Limit isn’t a brilliant work, the author should be credited with not trying to overreach and ruining this worthwhile story. Not everyone is interested in the story of Bob Stupak, but if you are, you must look here.



No Limit recounts the colorful life to date of Las Vegas legend Bob Stupak. This book isn’t a work of genius, but it does seem to be thorough, accurate, and fair. Consequently, if Bob Stupak interests you, or you want to learn this part of the complete history of Las Vegas, this book is well worth reading.


Women Dominate Web 918KISS แตก ง่าย Gaming

918KISS แตก ง่าย

For the first time, women make up the majority of Internet users gambling and playing games online, according to a new study from online research firm PC Data. The study, “Spotlight on Games: Categories and Hardware,” found that while men make up the majority of all PC and console game players, women take the lead when it comes to the Web.

Of an estimated 30 to 40 million online gamers in the U.S., based on the study women represented 50.4 percent, PC Data Senior Analyst Sean Wargo told the NewsFactor Network.

The sample survey of more than 3,500 home Internet users — including gamers and non-gamers — considered retail sales, Internet audience measurement, software use, hardware configuration and user responses to reach its findings.

Ladies Choice

The study found that women prefer online gambling, card games and trivia quiz games when they log onto the Internet. While the study uses a general description of online gaming — “anyone who played any game online” — wagering on the Internet is most popular, according to Wargo.

“The primary games online, overall, are far and away gambling games,” Wargo said. “Women are primarily playing gambling games, sport games or card games.”

Solitaire, Free Cell and similar bundled games are the most frequently played of all online and offline games. While men prefer “war and sports” themes, women are more likely to play board or card games or trivia, and log on to sites with gambling themes 10 percent more frequently than men.

Online Escape

Female gamblers tend to be “escape gamblers” who gamble at luck games and develop gambling problems later in life, according to the Arizona Council on Compulsive Gambling (ACCG), an affiliate of the National Council on Problem Gambling, which operates a national gambling hotline for men and women.

Men are more likely to be “action gamblers,” playing skill games such as poker or betting on sports and going 10 to 30 years before getting help, according to ACCG executive director Don Hulen. By contrast, Hulen said escape gamblers tend to seek help six months to two years after realizing they have a problem.

While the PC Data study did not separate online 918KISS แตก ง่าย gambling from other online gaming activities such as cards or trivia, it did mark an upward trend for women on the Web.

“Women are really now making their presence felt on the Internet,” Wargo said, adding that men constituted a slim majority of online gamers last year.

Men Shoot More

Women were about a third less likely than men to participate in first-person shooter games, real-time/turn-based strategy games and sports games, according to the report.

The gaming study also revealed that graphic quality was rated the primary concern of households purchasing a PC game console. While the list of available game titles was another concern, the ability to play against other players on the Internet was not.…

The Judge: Situs Judi Bola Gambling is not Illegal

Situs Judi Bola

A federal judge has ruled in a major decision that Internet gambling is not a crime — sometimes.

Judge Stanwood R. Duval, Jr., of the U.S. District Court in New Orleans issued the ruling in late February, 2001. He dismissed two test cases brought against MasterCard and Visa, allowing Web betting sites to continue to take credit cards.

Judge Duval gave many reasons for throwing out the suits, including a legal conclusion that Internet gambling’s main nemesis, the federal Wire Act, applies only to sports betting.

The opinion illustrates how important it is for lawyers to research the law before they file their lawsuits. With a few changes, the nation’s two largest credit card companies might have been ordered to stop being involved with Internet gambling.

The cases arose from what should have been a fairly easy legal question: If a player uses his credit card to make bets online, does he have to pay the bill when it comes in the mail?

In most states and under most sets of facts the answer is clearly, “No.” Since 1710, when Queen Anne of England signed the Statute of Anne, gambling debts have been unenforceable under the common law of the English-speaking world.

Anyone who lends anyone else money, knowing the money will be used for Situs Judi Bola gambling, is making a contract that is normally unenforceable.

Nevada is the best example. If a Las Vegas casino accepts an oral bet and the player loses and refuses to pay, the casino has no legal right to sue. The Nevada Legislature had to pass a special law to allow suits on written markers.

In 1991, the Massachusetts Appeals Court ruled that a gambler, Richard Kommit, did not have to pay his MasterCard bill for $5,500 cash he got from an ATM on the floor of an Atlantic City casino. The Court held that under the laws of Massachusetts, where Kommit lived, New Jersey, where he gambled, and Connecticut, where the bank issuing the MasterCard was located, credit card loans for gambling are unenforceable.

In 1998, Cynthia H. Haines was sued by MasterCard and Visa for more than $70,000, money they claimed she lost gambling via the Internet. Haines’s attorney, Ira Rothken of Corte Madera, California, filed a counterclaim. He carefully limited his legal claims to California state laws, which bar credit card loans for gambling. Although he asked for money damages, he was mainly seeking a court order that MasterCard and Visa had to stop doing business in California with online gambling operators.

The terms of the settlement are secret, but it is clear that Rothken won big.

So what did the lawyers do wrong in the most recent cases? Just about everything.

They initially filed 11 class action lawsuits in federal courts in Illinois, Alabama, New York and California. The cases, which grew to be 33 by the time of the decision, were all transferred to Judge Duval. Two were chosen to be tests of the law.

But the lawyers had chosen the wrong law. They had sued the credit card companies under the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”), asking for lots and lots of money.

RICO actions are always difficult to win. Plaintiffs’ lawyers would have to prove that Visa and MasterCard were part of a criminal enterprise in cahoots with Internet gaming operators. Even if the operators themselves were included as defendants, which they were not, there simply was no “enterprise.” You can use your Visa to buy pizza, but does that mean Visa is in an enterprise to sell pizza?

RICO also requires a pattern of racketeering activity, meaning specific federal crimes or state gambling felonies had been committed.

Judge Duval got the parties to agree to two test cases, involving players from New Hampshire and Kansas. But plaintiffs had no way of showing these credit card companies had committed gambling felonies. Because illegal gambling is almost always a misdemeanor, there simply were no laws on the books in New Hampshire and only one in Kansas that could conceivably apply.

Plaintiffs’ attorneys tried to find federal crimes. Naturally, they cited the Wire Act.

But, they had made the mistake of limiting their lawsuits to Internet casinos and lotteries. Judge Duval looked to the actual language of the statute as well as its history and ruled that the Wire Act is limited to sports betting.

When the U.S. Attorneys wanted to show they could go after Internet operators, they were careful to make sure that every operation took sports bets by phone. It is unclear whether the Wire Act covers Internet casinos, but it was enacted to allow the federal government to go after bookies who took sports bets by phone.

If the complaints had been framed differently, plaintiffs might have won. My advice for any lawyer fighting Internet gambling: Forget RICO, file in state court, make sure your clients were making sports bets by phone, and don’t get greedy — getting a court order that closes down a business will bring about a nice, large settlement.






FC Pkv Games United of Manchester v Brackley Town

Pkv Games

FC United of Manchester recorded their first win in the National League North in their new home of Broadhurst Park back on August 22.

Nearly 3,000 fans were in attendance for what was an exciting match with the hosts coming through on a beautiful summer’s day.

FC United of Manchester v Brackley Town.

The visitors took the lead early on through Steve Diggin before FCUM stormed into a 3-1 lead by the 70th minute with goals from Matt Wolfenden, Sam Madeley and Tom Greaves. A late David Mayo goal for Brackley with less than 10 minutes to go ensured a nervy finish but FC United held on to raise the roof at the new stadium.

FC United of Manchester v Brackley Town, Broadhurst Park.


Broadhurst Park in Moston was completed in May this year with a capacity of 4,400. The first competitive fixture at the stadium was a 1-2 loss to local rivals Stockport County following a 0-1 friendly loss to Portuguese giants Benfica to open the stadium.


FC United of Manchester v Brackley Town.


FC United Pkv Games sit mid-table and face a struggle to get into the play offs in this their first season in the National League North.

FC United of Manchester v Brackley Town.

FC United of Manchester

Broadhurst Park

Lightbowne Road


Manchester M40 0FJ

Tel: 0161 769 2005

FCUM in Seoul

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George’s Premiership Predictions September 26 2015


The Premiership continues this weekend after games in the Capital One Cup in midweek. The match of the weekend sees table toppers Manchester City travel south to take on Spurs at White Hart Lane.

Manchester City lost their 100% record at home to West Ham last time out, but should be backed to pick up the points against Tottenham, for whom Harry Kane has yet to find his form of last season.

Manchester United face Sunderland who sit at the bottom of the league along with neighbours Newcastle. The Red Devils are still not firing on all cylinders but should find a way to heap more misery on the Black Cats.

Chelsea beat Arsenal in a bad-tempered affair at Stamford Bridge. Arsenal are away at in-form Leicester while Chelsea make the long trek to Newcastle who can’t buy a win at this point and are rock bottom.

Pressure is mounting on Liverpool manager Brendan Rogers, the bookies’ favourite in the Premier League sack race. Aston Villa have been equally poor but we reckon the pressure may get to the players and a draw seems likely.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Tottenham 1 v Man City 3

Leicester City 2 v Arsenal 2

Liverpool 1 v Aston Villa 1

West Ham 1 v Norwich City 2

Southampton 2 v Swansea City 2

Stoke City 2 v Bournemouth 0

Man United 3 v Sunderland 0

Newcastle 1 v Chelsea 3

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Watford 1 v Crystal Palace 1

Monday, 28 September 2015

WBA 1 v Everton 0

Soccer – Remy keen for chance to shine

Chelsea striker Loic Remy hopes he will be handed a starting spot this weekend when last season’s Premier League champions take on his former club Newcastle United. With Diego Costa suspended, Remy was among the scorers in a 4-1 Capital One Cup win over Walsall on Wednesday, and the France international is keen to start against the Magpies at St James’ Park. He said: “It’s very difficult, I can’t lie. When you come in you have to do the best, but when you are not playing much it is more difficult. “I don’t have any pressure, I just want to feel better and with the game which is coming I maybe have an opportunity to play more. We will see.” Remy, who has scored seven Premier League goals for Jose Mourinho’s team in 20 appearances, can be backed at 6/5 with bet365 to score at any time on Saturday, with Chelsea available at 7/1 to beat struggling Newcastle 2-0.



World Poker Exchange Holds First National Online and Offline Intercollegiate Poker Championship

Situs Poker Online Terpercaya

Tournament Will Award Student Players Cash Scholarships, Trips and Other Valuable Prizes

ANTIGUA, BWI, Feb. 7 /PRNewswire/ — World Poker Exchange, (, one of the world’s fastest growing online poker sites, will host the first annual Intercollegiate Poker Championship encompassing 100 top universities throughout the United States. The championship will begin as an online tournament on February 13, 2005 and culminate on March 10, 2005 during spring break with a live tournament in Cancun, Mexico.

The World Poker Exchange Intercollegiate Poker Championship, the first of its kind, is an online and offline poker championship that requires no entrance fee and awards as a Grand Prize a $25,000 school scholarship package. The lucky 1st Place Grand Prize Student Winner will receive a $10,000 cash scholarship, a laptop computer and an all expenses paid 5-day trip to the United Kingdom to compete in the World Poker Exchange London Open in August, 2005. At the London Open, the “Best College Player in the Country” will receive free entry into this high stakes tournament, worth $10,000, and have the opportunity to share in a minimum prize pot of $2 million while playing against some of the top poker players worldwide.


There will be three phases to the tournament, the first of which occurs online to find the “Best Player on Campus” in which rival schools will be scheduled to compete on the same day. Those winners will then continue on to the second phase where they will compete for “Best Player in the Region.” The six regional prize winners will each receive a laptop computer and a free trip for two to Spring Break in Cancun, where the third and final portion of the championship will be held to determine which student will be crowned “Best College Player in the Country.”

In Cancun, the finals will be hosted by MTV Real World Las Vegas star Trishelle. She starred in the 2003 Playboy Reality DVD, The Surreal Life and has most recently hosted this year’s Lingerie Bowl.

The World Poker Exchange will also be awarding to the 321 best student poker players in the country valuable prize packages in a combination of cash scholarships, MP3 players, DVD membership subscriptions, free music download service and major retailer gift cards.

Players must be a U.S. or Canadian resident at least 18 years of age and currently registered at one of the 100 participating colleges. Situs Poker Online Terpercaya Players can sign up starting February 7, 2005 at, the official site for the championship, where complete rules, regulations, deadlines and a list of participating schools can be found. The first 2,000 registrants will receive a limited edition t-shirt.

About World Poker Exchange

The World Poker Exchange ( is licensed and regulated according to the laws of Antigua. The multi-player internet poker room has served the online community since the outset of online poker play. Established in spring 2001, World Poker Exchange is one of the world’s fastest growing online poker sites.…