Women Dominate Web 918KISS แตก ง่าย Gaming

918KISS แตก ง่าย

For the first time, women make up the majority of Internet users gambling and playing games online, according to a new study from online research firm PC Data. The study, “Spotlight on Games: Categories and Hardware,” found that while men make up the majority of all PC and console game players, women take the lead when it comes to the Web.

Of an estimated 30 to 40 million online gamers in the U.S., based on the study women represented 50.4 percent, PC Data Senior Analyst Sean Wargo told the NewsFactor Network.

The sample survey of more than 3,500 home Internet users — including gamers and non-gamers — considered retail sales, Internet audience measurement, software use, hardware configuration and user responses to reach its findings.

Ladies Choice

The study found that women prefer online gambling, card games and trivia quiz games when they log onto the Internet. While the study uses a general description of online gaming — “anyone who played any game online” — wagering on the Internet is most popular, according to Wargo.

“The primary games online, overall, are far and away gambling games,” Wargo said. “Women are primarily playing gambling games, sport games or card games.”

Solitaire, Free Cell and similar bundled games are the most frequently played of all online and offline games. While men prefer “war and sports” themes, women are more likely to play board or card games or trivia, and log on to sites with gambling themes 10 percent more frequently than men.

Online Escape

Female gamblers tend to be “escape gamblers” who gamble at luck games and develop gambling problems later in life, according to the Arizona Council on Compulsive Gambling (ACCG), an affiliate of the National Council on Problem Gambling, which operates a national gambling hotline for men and women.

Men are more likely to be “action gamblers,” playing skill games such as poker or betting on sports and going 10 to 30 years before getting help, according to ACCG executive director Don Hulen. By contrast, Hulen said escape gamblers tend to seek help six months to two years after realizing they have a problem.

While the PC Data study did not separate online 918KISS แตก ง่าย gambling from other online gaming activities such as cards or trivia, it did mark an upward trend for women on the Web.

“Women are really now making their presence felt on the Internet,” Wargo said, adding that men constituted a slim majority of online gamers last year.

Men Shoot More

Women were about a third less likely than men to participate in first-person shooter games, real-time/turn-based strategy games and sports games, according to the report.

The gaming study also revealed that graphic quality was rated the primary concern of households purchasing a PC game console. While the list of available game titles was another concern, the ability to play against other players on the Internet was not.