Slot Online Gamblers Guide E-zine goes live

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Feb.29, 2000–C & F Publishing today announced the online debut of its magazine Gamblers Guide.


Gamblers Guide is a new and innovative online “e-zine” dedicated to the interest of the gaming community. Published monthly, it is designed to keep visitors up to date with the latest news, entertainment and events occurring at hotels and casinos around the world.

“This publication was developed specifically for gamblers to have access to any and all of the information they would need concerning casinos, hotels, entertainment and special events,” said Carol Pugh, editor and co-owner, C & F Publishing. “We believe that a well informed visitor will be less apprehensive about taking a trip and enjoying the experience and excitement associated with gambling if they can gain some knowledge and insight concerning their selected location. Even though it is a monthly issue the information is being constantly updated due to the advantage of being an Internet publication. The support of our sponsors demonstrates their commitment to this project and the expectations of benefit for themselves as well as the visiting public.”

Gamblers Guide ( is the only full feature e-zine on the Internet offering it’s visitors access to the latest news and information dedicated exclusively to the gaming industry. Features include a monthly article highlighting a judi slot  casino, hotel or resort location. A spotlight article submitted by our subscribers and based on their experiences or adventures, an opinion page dedicated to one man’s quest to find the ultimate gaming experience. Resources for both live and online gaming such as, books and videos, hints and tips, rules of the game and others. Readers will also be able to check the latest offerings of entertainment and special events, purchase tickets, and make hotel reservations as well as book airline reservations and rental cars. There is also a message board and classified ads sections.

Gamblers Guide is produced monthly by C&F; Publishing.




Gypsy King releases Killer Dice Y2K for Macintosh, sequel to the award-winning Killer Dice. The Y2K version offers a whole new set of Y2K fortunes to entertain you. Laugh at the follies of the millineum bug that never bit.


How good are you? Try your luck and hone your skills to razor sharp with this poker dice game. Sound effects and lots of options (single, double and triple games). High scores take you to the “man who knows all” for your fortune. Over 1000 Y2K fortunes.


Gypsy King Software is a small but growing company dedicated to creating quality Mac shareware games. For additional information on Gypsy King games, visit their Web site.




There’s nothing ordinary about the blackjack dealer at the Killer Dice Casino. She turns an ordinary blackjack game into a frolick among the cards. And Gypsy King Software releases Blackjack Royale 1.0 for Macintosh to take you there.


Play blackjack with all the goodies. Double down, split, insurance, and outrageous sound effects as the dealer entertains you with her wicked wit. And we’re talking the real thing, too. The dealer’s voice recorded by a genuine blackjack dealer, only you won’t hear this kind of entertainment at your usual blackjack haunts.


Gypsy King Software is a small but growing company dedicated to creating quality Mac shareware games. For additional information on Gypsy King games, visit their Web site.


Americas Daily Numbers Pick3 & Pick4 games… now online.


SAN JOSE, Costa Rica–(PRESS WIRE)-Jan 12, 2000-C.U.T.I. de Alajuela, S.A. announces that the Americas Daily Numbers site at is fully operational. The official launch date is this Friday, January 21, 2000.


This site will make it possible for players worldwide to participate in 68 different America’s daily Pick3 and Pick4 numbers games corresponding to the various official States’ daily numbers drawings.


In the United States, millions of Americans play the Pick3 & Pick4 lottery games every single day… and now, through Americas International Online Numbers Game Club, you can join them.


Purchase Pick3 & Pick4 game tickets online anytime 24-hours a day. 68 different games daily – play one or play them all! When it comes to game integrity… Americas Daily Numbers is second to none!


Pick3 & Pick4 game ticket format, purchase price, drawing results, and payouts are the same as in the United States. What is different is that players can now purchase tickets online 24-hours a day up to one half hour before official drawing times.


C.U.T.I. de Alajuela, S.A. is uniquely positioned to become the premier online daily numbers game portal site… featuring all of America’s daily Pick3 & Pick4 numbers games never before available online. While the vision was born nearly a decade ago, based on current Internet trends the product couldn’t come to market at a more advantageous time. The Web is spurring e-commerce in ways no one would have believed possible ten years ago,” says Sheyla Badilla, Spokesperson. “Americas Daily Numbers provides a powerful, highly-flexible, and very user-friendly environment.”


C.U.T.I. de Alajuela, S.A. is an entertainment and marketing company that licenses turnkey Internet numbers game systems and has the exclusive worldwide rights to market the domain name. The company will generate revenues from marketing the Americas Daily Numbers 68 daily numbers games, an opt-in advertising program, banner advertising, retail e-commerce sales, and from royalties earned from sub-licensees.


C.U.T.I. de Alajuela, S.A. intends to develop into the world’s most widely recognized daily numbers gaming portal site on the Internet. Each new site will feature famous sports and entertainment endorsements.


This unforgettable domain immediately positions the company for rapid growth, given its ultimate accessibility to online gaming enthusiasts worldwide. is set to penetrate the $965 Million Internet Gaming Market. It is estimated that in 1999, revenue from Internet gambling exceeded $965 million.


According to an article in USA Today (March 12, 1999), Internet gaming revenue is projected to reach $2.3 billion by 2001. By 2002, that figure is expected to climb to $10.2 billion. (Financial Times, London). This incredible demand for online gaming, particularly outside of North America, is a unique opportunity for C.U.T.I. de Alajuela, S.A., to establish the portal as one of the strongest brands on the Internet.


C.U.T.I. de Alajuela, S.A. (CUTI) is a Costa Rica company headquartered in San Jose, Costa Rica. CUTI is the leading software developer of numbers games online.