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Maths and toto hk


Three names immediately spring to mind, Chris Ferguson, Andy Bloch and Vanessa Rousso.

All three have said a part of their game has splintered from game theory, however, can one use “pure” mathematics to play a profittable game of poker.

I’ve started working on this and have no doubts it can be done, however, will need data, so this will take a long time to complete.

The reason I’m posting this is to ask, does anyone use a varient of game theory in their game and if so, to what end, (winning, losing, or breaking even.)

From this, I hope to deduce whether just a fleeting knowledge of the whole puzzle is necessary, of if one can only play successfully when one can see the whole picture.


Am I all learned out?


Hi guys,


I’m giving poker a serious shot this year and am currently playing better than ever but still costing myself money with the odd, shall we say, psychological mistake where I generally lose money making one or two consciously stupid calls or bets that lose me a stack or get me knocked out.


I’m still learning, and reading constantly. I’ve got all three volumes of Harrington on Holdem and worked through them all, the first and second volumes numerous times. I also have his two volumes on cash games which I am currently reading along with Tommy Angelos Elements of Poker.


Should I continue to buy books? I want some Sklanksy stuff and Super System but I’m wondering if it’ll all be the same sort of thing and whether my best bet now is just to keep playing and working on my weaknesses when I spot them? Or should you never stop reading and learning?