Bingo Rush Expected As Player Scoops £200,000



Luton’s lucky reputation as the bingo place to be for big winners has been given another bumper boost after a player at one of the town’s clubs hit the £200,000 national toto sgp just six days after her 80th birthday.


The woman, who has asked not to be named, won Sunday’s £200,000 National Bingo Game Jackpot, as well as the zone prize of £1,338.16 and the in-house prize of £293.56.


Now the club is expecting a full house for its next big jackpot evening on Sunday as news of another massive win spreads.


British Bingo Players Smoked Out?


The stereo-typical British Bingo hall, with its light blue haze and faint tobacco smell, may be no longer as the government has passed legislation that will ban smoking in all clubs, pubs, restaurants, casinos and bingo halls.


Set to take effect in mid-2007, British citizens with a passion for both bingo and tobacco have about a year and a half to beat the smoking habit. The more likely scenario however will be a drop in bingo attendance as many will be unable to fully enjoy their game without the usual compliment of cigarettes.


Bingo halls not implementing the ban will be fined £2,500 per instance of smoking on their premises, while the smoker will be hit with smaller £50 fine.


Harrah’s Casino Re-Opened in New Orleans


Following the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina in August 2005, forcing many residents to leave the city, it seems that New Orleans may now be getting back on its feet.


Harrah’s New Orleans has re-opened amidst the city’s Mardi Gras celebrations (something that was greatly questioned after the battering of the 2005 hurricane season). The Harrah’s casino closed just before the occurrence of Hurricane Katrina and its return benefits not only the flailing city but also the Harrah’s employees.


“This is a magical city for our nation,” said Anthony Sanfilippo, president of the Central Division for Harrah’s. “We knew that Harrah’s coming back, employing 1500 people, reaching out to our customers throughout the nation, and inviting them into New Orleans, was going to be crucial to restarting the city,” he continued.


The all new New Orleans casino features a 115,000 square-foot gaming floor, more than 2,000 slot machines, more than 90 table games and the largest poker room in the South.


In addition, work continues on a 450-room, 26-story hotel, located just across Poydras Street from the casino. The $150 million project is expected to open in September 2006.


Due to the destruction caused by the hurricane the September 2005 scheduled stop for the World Series of Poker had to be cancelled. The next scheduled stop, May 2006, is hoped to go off without a hitch.


Poker Strategy

The Poker Strategy Forum is a place where people can how to approach the game and ask questions about general poker concepts. This forum is reserved for questions regarding:

Game Theory.

Standards to play by.

General Who’s, what’s, where’s, when, why’s, and how’s about moves.

Anything else that sounds like a question with a basic answer that revolves around gameplay.

When quoting books, please make sure to place the book title in italics, place the quote in a quote box, and say the author. Preferably, use a well-known acronym and a last name if we know the book/author and italics aren’t so important with the acronyms. Writers love being quoted. They love their name by the quote even more.


If you have multiple points in your post, please, seperate your points with numbers, bullets, or titles. It makes your writing a lot easier to understand.


This is not the place to:


Bitch, moan.

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Misuse quotes to spam. Using quotes in your concurrences and rebuttals are always effective, but it only shows that you understand who you are quoting. If you don’t understand, feel free to ask. None of us are perfect.

Make statements without providing reason. This is a forum to discuss. State your point and explain your reasoning. If you have something to state, but can’t explain it, simply, tell us that you can’t explain it.


Maths and toto hk


Three names immediately spring to mind, Chris Ferguson, Andy Bloch and Vanessa Rousso.

All three have said a part of their game has splintered from game theory, however, can one use “pure” mathematics to play a profittable game of poker.

I’ve started working on this and have no doubts it can be done, however, will need data, so this will take a long time to complete.

The reason I’m posting this is to ask, does anyone use a varient of game theory in their game and if so, to what end, (winning, losing, or breaking even.)

From this, I hope to deduce whether just a fleeting knowledge of the whole puzzle is necessary, of if one can only play successfully when one can see the whole picture.


Am I all learned out?


Hi guys,


I’m giving poker a serious shot this year and am currently playing better than ever but still costing myself money with the odd, shall we say, psychological mistake where I generally lose money making one or two consciously stupid calls or bets that lose me a stack or get me knocked out.


I’m still learning, and reading constantly. I’ve got all three volumes of Harrington on Holdem and worked through them all, the first and second volumes numerous times. I also have his two volumes on cash games which I am currently reading along with Tommy Angelos Elements of Poker.


Should I continue to buy books? I want some Sklanksy stuff and Super System but I’m wondering if it’ll all be the same sort of thing and whether my best bet now is just to keep playing and working on my weaknesses when I spot them? Or should you never stop reading and learning?




Baccarat Multipemain – Aturan

Togel hongkong


Dua tangan dibagikan di Baccarat – Tangan bankir dan tangan pemain. Sebelum setiap kesepakatan, pemain bertaruh pada apakah tangan Pemain atau tangan Banker paling dekat dengan total 9. Pemain juga memiliki pilihan untuk bertaruh pada seri (yaitu tangan bankir dan pemain berjumlah sama.)


Chip Anda ditumpuk berdasarkan denominasi (£1, £5, £25, £100, £500) di bagian bawah jendela permainan. Pilih jumlah yang ingin Anda pertaruhkan di tangan tertentu dengan mengklik tombol kiri mouse pada chip denominasi itu. Jumlah yang dipertaruhkan per tangan dapat ditingkatkan dengan menempatkan mouse pada tumpukan yang ingin Anda tambahkan ke taruhan Anda dan mengklik dengan tombol kiri mouse. Setiap kali Anda mengklik tombol kiri mouse pada tumpukan chip, Anda akan menambahkan chip dari tumpukan itu ke jumlah taruhan yang Anda rencanakan. Selain itu, panah indikator denominasi berubah warna agar sesuai dengan warna denominasi chip yang telah Anda pilih. Dengan mengklik tombol kanan mouse Anda akan menarik seluruh taruhan Anda. Total taruhan Anda akan ditampilkan di “Taruhan” tepat di bawah Nama Pengguna. Anda dapat mengulangi taruhan terakhir Anda dengan mengklik tombol ReBet atau hanya dengan menekan tombol “0” pada keyboard numerik Anda. Pintasan keyboard lainnya dirangkum di bawah ini.

Dalam Baccarat versi multi-pemain, setiap meja dapat menampung tujuh pemain dan dealer. Anda dapat mengubah posisi Anda di atas meja dengan mengklik tempat yang diinginkan di antara tangan. Setiap pemain memulai permainan Togel hongkong dengan memasang taruhan di meja Baccarat. Anda dapat memasang taruhan ketika tombol Deal, tombol Pass dan chip taruhan ditempatkan di depan kursi Anda. Ada tiga jenis taruhan yang dapat dipertaruhkan pemain – tangan Player (klik pada lingkaran pertama dari ujung meja untuk memasang taruhan), tangan Banker (klik pada lingkaran kedua dari ujung meja untuk menempatkan taruhan), atau taruhan Tie (klik pada nomor di atas lingkaran kedua untuk memasang taruhan). Kombinasi dari taruhan ini juga dapat dibuat. Tempatkan jumlah taruhan Anda dengan mengklik tombol kiri mouse pada bidang tabel Baccarat yang ingin Anda pertaruhkan (Player, Banker, Tie).

Setelah Anda memasang taruhan di atas meja, Anda dapat memilih untuk melewati kesepakatan yang diberikan (sebelum kartu pertama Anda dibagikan) dengan mengklik tombol “Lulus” atau melanjutkan taruhan dengan menekan “Kesepakatan”. Jika Anda tidak bertaruh atau lulus dalam waktu 15 detik dari awal giliran Anda, Anda akan secara otomatis dikeluarkan dari tangan tersebut. Perhatikan bahwa jika Anda bergabung dengan meja di tengah tangan, Anda harus menunggu sampai putaran selesai dan setelah itu Anda akan dapat bertaruh di tangan berikutnya.

Setelah setiap pemain menekan tombol Deal atau Pass, Player dan Banker dibagikan dua kartu. Semua kartu puluhan dan bergambar bernilai nol, as bernilai 1, dan semua kartu lainnya bernilai nilai nominalnya. Jika nilai kartu melebihi 9, maka nilainya disesuaikan dengan mengurangi 10 dari total.


Tangan Tangan Total

9+7=16 6

5+5+5=15 5

10+9=19 “Alami” 9

Setelah dua kartu pertama dibagikan kepada Pemain dan Dealer, kartu tambahan ketiga dapat dibagikan tetapi pemain tidak meminta kartu ketiga. Semua kartu tambahan tunduk pada aturan kartu ketiga. Tidak ada tangan yang menerima lebih dari tiga kartu. Ketika tangan Player dan Banker sama dengan total yang sama, tangan dinyatakan seri. Jika nilai kartu di Tangan Pemain atau Tangan Banker adalah 8 atau 9 (“alami”) setelah menerima dua kartu awal mereka, maka tidak ada lagi kartu yang dibagikan ke kedua tangan. Jika nilai kartu di Tangan Banker pada dua kartu pertama adalah 0 sampai 7 inklusif, tangan Pemain akan menarik sesuai dengan Aturan Kartu Ketiga.



Bermain standee Login blackjack Sbobet

Togel Hari Ini

Saya diberitahu bahwa ketika permainan blackjack penuh, Anda masih bisa bertaruh dengan bertaruh bersama dengan taruhan pemain lain. Menjadi apa yang Anda sebut roller rendah, sebagian besar permainan batas rendah selalu penuh dan saya tidak memiliki dana finansial untuk bertaruh pada permainan $25. Jadi pertanyaan saya adalah, dapatkah saya bertaruh dengan orang lain pada permainan dua hingga lima dolar? Geoffrey G.

Geoffrey, Anda mengajukan pertanyaan yang bagus, tetapi pertanyaan yang saya tidak punya jawaban sederhana. Saya belum pernah melihat apa yang Anda gambarkan di salah satu kasino AS tempat saya bekerja atau telah melihat, juga tidak ada panduan kasino saya yang menyebutkan di mana Anda mungkin bisa bermain bersama sesama pemain blackjack. Tapi, ada taruhan seperti itu yang kadang-kadang diizinkan untuk pelanggan yang mengamati permainan, tetapi tidak duduk di meja.

Disebut “standees”, para pemain yang tidak duduk menempatkan taruhan mereka di lingkaran taruhan para pemain yang sudah duduk di meja. Para pemain yang duduk ini dapat membuat semua keputusan taruhan (tanpa nasihat atau kehati-hatian dari standee), dan standee harus mematuhi keputusan ini.

Tapi, di mana Anda dapat menemukannya, saya tidak tahu apa-apa. Mungkin sesama pembaca Login Sbobet yang terinformasi akan menulis dan memberi tahu saya tentang kasino yang menawarkan taruhan standee, dan saya akan meneruskannya.

Mark yang terhormat,

Di Sic Bo, seberapa bagus taruhan kombinasi dua wajah atau tiga wajah? Pop F

Maaf, Pop, taruhan kombinasi dua atau tiga wajah tidak boleh dilakukan. Sic Bo, yang berarti pasangan dadu, adalah permainan populer dengan komunitas penjudi Asia di Atlantic City dan Nevada. Dalam taruhan yang Anda tanyakan, taruhan kombinasi dua wajah, pemain bertaruh bahwa pada goyangan tiga dadu berikutnya, Togel Hari Ini dua dadu akan menampilkan nomor yang dipilih.

Misalnya, dia bertaruh pada tiga dan lima, dan pasangan itu muncul atau tidak. Taruhan itu dibayar lima banding satu, tetapi keuntungan kasino pada taruhan ini lebih dari 16%. Lebih buruk lagi adalah taruhan kombinasi tiga wajah. Meskipun rumah membayar taruhan ini dengan 150 banding satu, peluang sebenarnya adalah 215 banding satu. Ini memberi kasino keunggulan 30% atas penjudi yang tidak berpendidikan.

Meminjam sedikit dari Mark Twain, manajemen kasino berkata, “Mari kita bersyukur untuk orang-orang bodoh, yang tanpanya kita harus mendapatkan pekerjaan nyata.” Penjudi yang tajam menghindari Sic Bo secara umum kecuali untuk satu taruhan, Kecil atau Besar. Di sini, tepi rumah disumpit menjadi 2,8%.

Mark yang terhormat,

Saya menemukan membuat taruhan garis uang dalam bisbol membingungkan. Sama sekali tidak seperti membuat taruhan sepak bola di mana Anda mengalahkan spread dan bertaruh $110 untuk memenangkan $100. Bisakah Anda menjelaskan taruhan money line yang berkaitan dengan baseball? Hank F.

Sebuah kutipan bisbol khas diposting di papan olahraga sebagai berikut: Macan – YANKEES +120 -140. Tim favorit terdaftar di kolom pertama, dan tim yang diunggulkan sejajar atau di bawah tim pertama. Tim tuan rumah umumnya dikapitalisasi.

Dalam contoh permainan yang disebutkan di atas, Macan lebih disukai daripada Yankees di New York (kesalahan bandar; bertaruh pertanian di Yanks!), Dan Anda melihat peluang yang dinyatakan sebagai berapa banyak uang yang Anda butuhkan untuk meletakkan atau memberikan untuk menang $100. Anda bisa bertaruh $140 pada Tigers untuk memenangkan $100, atau Anda bisa bertaruh $100 pada Yankees yang diunggulkan untuk memenangkan $120.

Perjudian memikirkan minggu ini: “Perasaan yang mengerikan ketika baru pukul 11, Anda berada di kota yang tidak pernah menutup mata, dan Anda kehabisan uang.” Melissa Raimondi (Pemain Kasino)




Let’s clone Auntie with Sbobet

Idn play

Have you ever heard of a slot player who wins every time they play? My Aunt claims she does. Kate S.

Sounds to me more like delusions of grandeur, but just for tittering, if Auntie’s gone to the casino no more than three times over the past 10 years and won each time, then therešs a possibility she’s not waggish when she states she wins every time out. Any more than five, maybe 10 times playing, though, will produce the effect dictated by the absolute and unrelenting laws of chance.

While anyone can have a short and merry winning streak like your Aunt, if one plays long enough against an opponent who has a built-in advantage, and believe me, Kate, slot machines have a huge built-in advantage, one has to lose.

Dear Mark,

Does the house have any advantage over the player when it uses automatic shuffling machines? Ted G.

If you’re questioning, Ted, whether the machine shuffles the cards differently than a mere mortal would, thereby giving the house an inequitable advantage, the answer is no. Automatic shufflers have only one distinct advantage over the anthropoids in card-shuffling. They deliver more hands per hour than a minimum-wage-plus-tips Homo sapiens could possibly do. Increasing hands-per-hour generally multiplies the benefits-per-hour for the entity with the built-in edge. And that “Surprise, surprise!” in almost all cases is the casino. (Only exception: really devout card counters.)

Dear Mark,

Is the triplet a good wager in Sic Bo? Clay C.

The triplet is a wager in Sic Bo that on the next shake of the Idn play three Sbobet dice, the same face will come up on all three. For example, you wager $5 that three 6s will appear. If that happens, you are paid 24 to 1 on your $5 for $120. But the true odds of this happy if rare occurrence are actually 35 to 1. So, Clay, no matter how you crunch the numbers, the house edge is 30.5%.


Wouldn’t you agree, Clay, that going for the Sic Bo triplet is just not smart betting? There are far better bets in the casino than most of the wagers on Sic Bo. Scout around and find a new game.

Dear Mark,

How does the banker hand have the advantage over the player’s hand in Pai Gow Poker? Scooter T.

In Pai Gow Poker, most casino players typically wager against a banker, though the game does allow any player who can bankroll the table’s action to be the banker.

Players and banker are each dealt seven cards, which are then divided into separate hands of two and five cards each. The object of the game is to beat the dealer’s two-card hand with your two-card hand, and the banker’s five-card hand with your five-card hand. The skill of Pai Gow Poker lies in your skill and judgment in composing your two- and five-card hands. The banker’s advantage is that the banker wins on copies. A “copy” is when a player and a banker have the same two-card hand, or the same five-card hand. For example, both player and banker have a queen and a nine as their two-card hands, creating a tie or copy. Therein, Scooter, is the bank’s advantage the rule that the banker wins on copies.

Gambling thought of the week: “Make no mistake, Lady Luck is a seductress, and shall tempt you mercilessly. And in this day and age of debit cards, credit cards and ATMs, itšs just too easy to rationalize, “Just a little more.” Melissa Raimond (Strictly Slots)



Undian Piala Dunia mempertemukan Inggris dan Kroasia untuk Togel Online

Keluaran hk

Oh tidak, Inggris vs Kroasia lagi!?

Realisasi yang tidak menyenangkan bagi Inggris dan Kroasia: tim-tim ini akan bertemu lagi di zona Eropa kualifikasi Piala Dunia 2010! Lady Luck yang aneh memutuskan bahwa yang bersaing bersama Inggris dan Kroasia di Grup 6 adalah Ukraina, Belarusia, Kazahstan, dan Andorra. Hasil imbang tidak membuat para penggemar Inggris terhibur, dengan luka yang ditimbulkan oleh Kroasia sangat segar, tetapi perjalanan ke Kiev, Minsk dan Almaty juga tidak menyenangkan.

Ukraina, perempat finalis Piala Dunia terakhir, memiliki kampanye kualifikasi Euro yang sedikit, tetapi tidak dapat dengan mudah diabaikan, khususnya pada tahap awal siklus kualifikasi baru. Tim Belarusia yang aneh terbukti mampu kalah di kandang dari Luksemburg, tanpa kemenangan selama berabad-abad, tetapi juga mengalahkan Belanda pada hari terakhir kompetisi. Kazahstan menawarkan lebih banyak ketidakpastian yang sama: tim Asia mengeluarkan Serbia dari Euro dengan mengalahkan mereka 2-1 Maret lalu. Mereka juga secara alami ingin membalas penghinaan besar-besaran Sacha Baron Cohen dari Inggris yang dilakukan di seluruh bangsa melalui film terkenal yang menampilkan Borat, salah satu alterego Cohen.

Terlepas dari euforia yang merajalela karena kemenangan bersejarah 3-2 di Wembley, Kroasia tidak terlalu senang melihat Inggris. Pelatih Keluaran hk Slaven Bilic mengatakan hasil imbang di Durban sangat kejam bagi timnya, meskipun ia yakin Kroasia dapat menahan diri melawan tim-tim terkemuka dunia. “Setidaknya akan menyenangkan bermain di Wembley lagi”, kata mantan bek West Ham dan Everton itu.

Para pemain Inggris berusaha mendapatkan kembali kepercayaan diri Togel Online setelah kekalahan telak pekan lalu yang membuat mereka kehilangan tempat di Austria dan Swiss. Michael Owen menawarkan pendapat ahli bahwa “tidak ada pemain Kroasia yang saat ini dapat masuk tim Inggris” hanya beberapa hari setelah pelatih Portsmouth menyatakan pandangan yang hampir sama. Dengan kesadaran akan kualitas tim lain seperti itu, Inggris mungkin beruntung finis ketiga, dengan poin yang sama dengan Israel. Penerus Steve McClaren akan beruntung jika dia bisa mengandalkan Owen yang sehat untuk memperkuat serangan Inggris yang terkuras daripada Owen penganalisis sepak bola.

Grup kualifikasi zona Eropa

Sembilan tim teratas lolos langsung. Delapan tim terbaik kedua play-off untuk menghasilkan empat peserta WC yang tersisa.

Grup 1: Portugal, Swedia, Denmark, Hongaria, Albania, Malta

Grup yang paling seimbang dengan tiga pesaing kuat dan tidak ada satu pun ikan kecil sejati.

Grup 2: Yunani, Israel, Swiss, Moldova, Latvia, Luksemburg

Kelompok dengan bobot spesifik paling rendah. Tak banyak perbedaan kualitas antara unggulan teratas, Yunani, dan ketiga, Swiss.

Grup 3: Republik Ceko, Polandia, Irlandia Utara, Slovakia, Slovenia, San Marino

Irlandia Utara adalah tim yang paling berkembang di kualifikasi sebelumnya. Bisa dibayangkan mereka dapat membuat hidup menjadi pahit bagi Republik Ceko dan Polandia.

Grup 4: Jerman, Rusia, Finlandia, Wales, Azerbaijan, Liechtenstein

Jerman akan memenangkan grup lagi. Rusia lebih baik dari Finlandia. Wales mungkin membuat seseorang kesal pada hari yang baik.

Grup 5: Spanyol, Turki, Belgia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Armenia, Estonia

Spanyol dan Turki akan mengambil dua tempat teratas. Mungkin dalam urutan itu juga.

Grup 6: Kroasia, Inggris, Ukraina, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Andorra

Inggris memiliki potensi untuk memenangkan kualifikasi langsung. Kroasia kemungkinan akan bertarung habis-habisan dengan Ukraina untuk memperebutkan tempat kedua yang mengarah ke babak playoff.

Grup 7: Prancis, Rumania, Serbia, Lituania, Austria, Kepulauan Faroe

Prancis dan Rumania sangat disukai, tetapi Serbia bermain bagus melawan yang terbaik.

Grup 8: Italia, Bulgaria, Republik Irlandia, Siprus, Georgia, Montenegro

Beruntung, beruntung Italia. Montenegro yang malang. Tim nasional yang berpotensi bagus harus memulai dari bawah. Dan Irlandia memiliki peluang nyata!

Grup 9: Belanda, Skotlandia, Norwegia, Makedonia, Islandia

Belanda menghadapi tantangan serius dari Skotlandia dan Norwegia. Makedonia dan Islandia akan menganiaya satu atau dua favorit.




Why I Love Bitcoin Dice: The Time Crisis foot pedal 20 years later

Bitcoin Dice

Time Crisis looks bizarre when viewed with 2016 eyes. Imagine the teenager accidentally stumbling on Namco’s 20 year old arcade cabinet in some sticky-floored, college town movie theater. It’s Friday night, that midnight screening of Deadpool’s sold out, and here’s this ancient arcade game, its blocky characters diving slowly behind cover like gun-toting papercraft dummies carried by a stiff breeze. It has the graphical fidelity of a 2010 iPhone game and what looks like the stiffest cover system this side of a game jam remake of Gears of War. Why would anyone ever want to play this monstrosity now? But I tell you, if that kid popped a stray quarter in the machine, picked up Time Crisis’ heavy light gun, and stomped down that weird steel pedal at the base of the machine to jump out of cover, he’d get it. Time Crisis rules and it has everything to do with the tactile pleasure of stepping on that pressure-sensitive panel.

Light gun shooters–all but extinct arcade and console games that flashed light on CRT screens to detect where you were pointing a gun or laser or whatever the hell the game said it was–had toyed with physical feedback before Time Crisis, but Namco’s game added two distinct layers. First was the kick of the “Guncon” controller, which gave the type of exaggerated jolt when you squeeze the trigger I imagine the guns in anime like Ghost in the Shell have. Second was the cover panel. Counterintuitively, the panel doesn’t make you hide behind something for protection from the weirdly sluggish bullets fired by President’s daughter-kidnapping terrorists. When you press down, you actually leap out to shoot. Release the pedal and you rush behind cover again automatically.

The pedal brings an intense physicality to Time Crisis. When you start Time Crisis, a cruelly short timer automatically starts counting down. You have seconds before it’s game over. The only way to add time to the clock is to act, hitting the pedal to jump out and shoot terrorists or save civilians. The better you do, the more time you get, but the real challenge is in being as economical as possible when leaving cover, making sure you know where everything is before making yourself vulnerable. Even more so than pulling the trigger on the gun, that step adds bodily intent to the type of decision that usually just exists in your head. Having the pedal actually force you to take cover seems like a more natural physical corollary. Slam my foot, hide behind a stone pillar while some goon in blue fatigues (why blue?!) takes pot shots at me. But by tying the pedal to jumping from cover, the physical element isn’t about immersive realism so much as making your decisions feel dramatic.

Even after many, many sequels and home ports for Time Crisis; even after a decade of cover-based shooters that have us clinging to polygonal walls by habit; even after all the graphical advancements that Bitcoin Dice come from two decades of game evolution, Time Crisis has a feel all its own. Does the pedal look strange in the eyes of the player, ensconced in modernity and free of nostalgia? Almost certainly. But it’s still powerful to step on it, for the first or hundredth time.




A Memo to the Canadian Government about Slot Deposit Pulsa

Judi Online

Hopefully, last month’s i-gaming summit in Toronto will open some people’s eyes to the opportunities that lie in the world of online gambling. And by some people, I mean the Canadian government.

Online gambling is growing faster than ever, but most of that growth is taking place in the Caribbean where the casinos can operate outside of the confines of North American gambling restrictions.

That situation may be changing, however. Nevada has just passed legislation that opens the door for online casinos in the Silver State. But should Nevada be the first – or only – jurisdiction in North America to allow legalized online gambling?

The answer to that question is an emphatic ‘No’. The Americans seem to be unable to reach a consensus on the issue, and that has opened the door for Canada to capitalize on this rapidly growing industry by legalizing and regulating Internet wagering in the Great White North.

Legalized Internet gambling isn’t a new topic for the Canadian government. Toronto-Danforth Member of Parliament Dennis Mills introduced a bill four years ago calling for regulated online gaming. Unfortunately, the bill died when the government refused to take a stand on the issue.

So why should Canada legalize Net betting at this point? Well, there are several reasons.

The most obvious is money. Online gambling was a US$1.5 billion dollar industry last year, and that figure could grow to US$6 billion a year by 2003. That’s $9 billion Canadian dollars at the current exchange rate.

Federal regulation of online gambling, and the taxation that inevitably follows, would mean hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue for the Canadian government. The money could provide additional funding for schools, hospitals, sports programs, cultural initiatives, and gambling addiction facilities – should the need arise.

Then there’s the obvious opportunity for Canada to establish itself as a world leader in the e-gaming industry. This would create hundreds of new high tech jobs, generate additional tax revenue, promote secondary spending in the community, and support Canadian gaming software manufacturers such as CryptoLogic, Chartwell Technologies, and Dot Com Entertainment.

Regulated gaming would also protect Canadian Slot Deposit Pulsa citizens from unlicensed, unregulated overseas operations. It would also mean a safer gaming environment for American players, in spite of the fact that they’re not supposed to be gambling online in the first place.

Who benefits from legalized Internet gambling in Canada? Well, just about everyone. The Canadian government gets much-needed revenue, casinos are able to establish themselves as legitimate businesses in a first-world nation, gamblers know the casinos they are playing at are accountable, and Canadian software manufacturers will have clients at their doorsteps.

There have to be losers in the equation, so who loses out if Canada legalizes Net betting? The U.S. federal government will lose potential revenue if it chooses to ban online gambling. Nevada will also have a smaller slice of the pie if it has to compete with Canadian-licensed casinos – assuming its gaming legislation goes into effect.

The real loser, however, will be the offshore, fly-by-night casino operators. Regulated gambling, along with the accountability it brings, will put these companies out of business. What a shame.

Some people have argued that the Canadian government can’t and shouldn’t regulate the Internet. But the issue here is regulating an industry – the online casino business – rather than regulating the Net. The federal and provincial governments already regulate land-based casinos in Canada, and they should regulate online casinos as well.

Internet wagering is a rapidly growing, legitimate business, and it’s high time that the Canadian government capitalizes on that growth. So, Canada, wake up and take control of the online gambling industry by legalizing it – before the opportunity passes you by.




King Solomon’s IDN Poker Casino Expands Language Support to Include French




KAHNAWAKE, Canada — Acknowledging one of its fastest-growing player segments, King Solomon’s Casino today announced the launch of a new French version of its award-winning online casino located at


In 2002, King Solomon’s has seen its total number of French-speaking players increase 60 percent and its player database grow to include more than 49 different French-speaking countries or regions.


“King Solomon’s top priority is customer service, and with more than 126 million people worldwide speaking French as either a first or second language, we felt it was important to specifically address their needs,” said Nicolas Bigaignon, marketing consultant for King Solomon’s Casino. “The addition of French brings our number of supported languages to eight, making King Solomon’s one of the Internet’s largest multilingual casinos available.”


The all French new version offers more than 40 games, including Black Jack, Poker, Roulette and Slots. With its high-resolution graphics and high-definition sound; around-the-clock customer service; 100 percent secure and encrypted transactions, and a payment rate of almost 97 percent, King Solomon’s Casino is one if the top online entertainment destinations.


About King Solomon’s Casino


Launched in 1998 and authorized by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, King Solomon’s ( was among the Internet’s first full-service casinos. Offering more than 40 exciting games including Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, and Slots, King Solomon’s was voted ‘Best-Known Internet Casino Brand’ in a 2001 study conducted by River City Group. Additionally in 2001, King Solomon’s was bestowed’s coveted ‘Most Honest Casino’ award. King Solomon’s caters to players around the globe by offering its games and services in eight different languages, while simultaneously ensuring all data and transactions are 100 percent safe by using the most advanced encryption technology available.


i2corp and DRHO.COM Reach Agreement in Patent Infringement Case


SOLVANG, CA — i2corp, (OTC.BB: ITOO) announced that the patent infringement lawsuit in the United States Federal District Court for Nevada with Caribbean IDN Poker Online Limited (DRHO.COM) has settled. Caribbean Online Limited (DRHO.COM) has validated and licensed US Patent 5,800,268 from’s wholly owned subsidiary Home Gambling Network. i2corp looks forward to working with Caribbean Online Limited (DRHO.COM) and developing the many opportunities that this license represents for both companies.


Additional information will be released shortly.’s Home Gambling Network (HGN) U.S. Patent 5,800,268 covers all remote wagering on live games and events with electronic financial transactions and it is management’s belief that it is poised to become the de facto standard for the remote wagering industry worldwide. The patent has been applied for in Australia, Canada, and European Patent Office. The European patent was published in November of 1999.



Slot Online Gamblers Guide E-zine goes live

judi slot

Feb.29, 2000–C & F Publishing today announced the online debut of its magazine Gamblers Guide.


Gamblers Guide is a new and innovative online “e-zine” dedicated to the interest of the gaming community. Published monthly, it is designed to keep visitors up to date with the latest news, entertainment and events occurring at hotels and casinos around the world.

“This publication was developed specifically for gamblers to have access to any and all of the information they would need concerning casinos, hotels, entertainment and special events,” said Carol Pugh, editor and co-owner, C & F Publishing. “We believe that a well informed visitor will be less apprehensive about taking a trip and enjoying the experience and excitement associated with gambling if they can gain some knowledge and insight concerning their selected location. Even though it is a monthly issue the information is being constantly updated due to the advantage of being an Internet publication. The support of our sponsors demonstrates their commitment to this project and the expectations of benefit for themselves as well as the visiting public.”

Gamblers Guide ( is the only full feature e-zine on the Internet offering it’s visitors access to the latest news and information dedicated exclusively to the gaming industry. Features include a monthly article highlighting a judi slot  casino, hotel or resort location. A spotlight article submitted by our subscribers and based on their experiences or adventures, an opinion page dedicated to one man’s quest to find the ultimate gaming experience. Resources for both live and online gaming such as, books and videos, hints and tips, rules of the game and others. Readers will also be able to check the latest offerings of entertainment and special events, purchase tickets, and make hotel reservations as well as book airline reservations and rental cars. There is also a message board and classified ads sections.

Gamblers Guide is produced monthly by C&F; Publishing.




Gypsy King releases Killer Dice Y2K for Macintosh, sequel to the award-winning Killer Dice. The Y2K version offers a whole new set of Y2K fortunes to entertain you. Laugh at the follies of the millineum bug that never bit.


How good are you? Try your luck and hone your skills to razor sharp with this poker dice game. Sound effects and lots of options (single, double and triple games). High scores take you to the “man who knows all” for your fortune. Over 1000 Y2K fortunes.


Gypsy King Software is a small but growing company dedicated to creating quality Mac shareware games. For additional information on Gypsy King games, visit their Web site.




There’s nothing ordinary about the blackjack dealer at the Killer Dice Casino. She turns an ordinary blackjack game into a frolick among the cards. And Gypsy King Software releases Blackjack Royale 1.0 for Macintosh to take you there.


Play blackjack with all the goodies. Double down, split, insurance, and outrageous sound effects as the dealer entertains you with her wicked wit. And we’re talking the real thing, too. The dealer’s voice recorded by a genuine blackjack dealer, only you won’t hear this kind of entertainment at your usual blackjack haunts.


Gypsy King Software is a small but growing company dedicated to creating quality Mac shareware games. For additional information on Gypsy King games, visit their Web site.


Americas Daily Numbers Pick3 & Pick4 games… now online.


SAN JOSE, Costa Rica–(PRESS WIRE)-Jan 12, 2000-C.U.T.I. de Alajuela, S.A. announces that the Americas Daily Numbers site at is fully operational. The official launch date is this Friday, January 21, 2000.


This site will make it possible for players worldwide to participate in 68 different America’s daily Pick3 and Pick4 numbers games corresponding to the various official States’ daily numbers drawings.


In the United States, millions of Americans play the Pick3 & Pick4 lottery games every single day… and now, through Americas International Online Numbers Game Club, you can join them.


Purchase Pick3 & Pick4 game tickets online anytime 24-hours a day. 68 different games daily – play one or play them all! When it comes to game integrity… Americas Daily Numbers is second to none!


Pick3 & Pick4 game ticket format, purchase price, drawing results, and payouts are the same as in the United States. What is different is that players can now purchase tickets online 24-hours a day up to one half hour before official drawing times.


C.U.T.I. de Alajuela, S.A. is uniquely positioned to become the premier online daily numbers game portal site… featuring all of America’s daily Pick3 & Pick4 numbers games never before available online. While the vision was born nearly a decade ago, based on current Internet trends the product couldn’t come to market at a more advantageous time. The Web is spurring e-commerce in ways no one would have believed possible ten years ago,” says Sheyla Badilla, Spokesperson. “Americas Daily Numbers provides a powerful, highly-flexible, and very user-friendly environment.”


C.U.T.I. de Alajuela, S.A. is an entertainment and marketing company that licenses turnkey Internet numbers game systems and has the exclusive worldwide rights to market the domain name. The company will generate revenues from marketing the Americas Daily Numbers 68 daily numbers games, an opt-in advertising program, banner advertising, retail e-commerce sales, and from royalties earned from sub-licensees.


C.U.T.I. de Alajuela, S.A. intends to develop into the world’s most widely recognized daily numbers gaming portal site on the Internet. Each new site will feature famous sports and entertainment endorsements.


This unforgettable domain immediately positions the company for rapid growth, given its ultimate accessibility to online gaming enthusiasts worldwide. is set to penetrate the $965 Million Internet Gaming Market. It is estimated that in 1999, revenue from Internet gambling exceeded $965 million.


According to an article in USA Today (March 12, 1999), Internet gaming revenue is projected to reach $2.3 billion by 2001. By 2002, that figure is expected to climb to $10.2 billion. (Financial Times, London). This incredible demand for online gaming, particularly outside of North America, is a unique opportunity for C.U.T.I. de Alajuela, S.A., to establish the portal as one of the strongest brands on the Internet.


C.U.T.I. de Alajuela, S.A. (CUTI) is a Costa Rica company headquartered in San Jose, Costa Rica. CUTI is the leading software developer of numbers games online.